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Neemrana is 100 Km drive from Delhi is a perfect day trip for the delhi people and is a must visit in the 100 Km area of Delhi. It has an amazing zipline from one of the best service providers.

The trip can be same day up down and for an extended trip one can stay in the neemrana hotel with your loved one. This place is a perfect blend of romance and adventure.

Being on the Delhi-Jaipur highway, Neemrana is well connected by road, which is also the ideal medium of commuting to the town.

Take the cab ride in the morning to the beautiful town. Enjoy the booked zip lining experience by Flying Fox and have a good lunch afterwards to relax yourself from the adventure. Next, visit the magnificent Neemrana Fort for some architectural beauty to please your eyes and leave for Delhi in the evening via cab.

The Trip is customizable.

As Neemrana is located on the Delhi-Jaipur route, it can be combined with other itineraries such as the Golden Triangle or any of the Jaipur itineraries.

Neemrana Getaway
Duration: 2-3 Days

City: neemrana,

Flying zip to Neemrana.

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