Markets in Udaipur
Markets in Udaipur

Bada Bazaar – Pick authentic Rajasthani decor jutis here

Address1 km of the City Palace,
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 2 hours
ExtraBada bazar offers plethora of small shops, big showrooms, and exhibitions that display the unbelievable variety of rich Rajasthani items. Brightly coloured traditional clothes are available at every step you take. Closed on Sundays.
MarketFamousForBatik and Bandhani print sarees and textiles , handmade juttis from Mochiwada Bazaar .
OpeningHours9.30 am to 6 pm
PeopleLoveForPlaceJewelry, both in silver and camel bone, is a novelty at this shopping district in Udaipur.
RushHoursFrom 2pm onwards.

Bapu Bazaar – For crockery, clothing, gadgets, and more

Address1.8 km from City Palace.
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1-2 hours.
ExtraBapu Bazar is a market in Udaipur to purchase clothing, crockery, gadgets, shoes, school uniforms, and khadi products. The market remains closed on Sunday.
MarketFamousForHandicrafts and Rajasthani souvenirs. The market is also famous for its variety of street food specialties, especially the mouthwatering gol gappas.
OpeningHoursFrom Morning till Evening
PeopleLoveForPlaceOne can buy authentic Rajasthani products and have a lovely time.
RushHoursThroughout the day.

Chetak Circle – Craft galore

Address2.3 km from Fateh Sagar Lake
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 2 hours.
ExtraChetak Circle is a buzzing market place where you can find a great assortment of handicrafts, brass wares, salutation cards, valuable stones, traditional jewellery boxes that are superbly painted, and hand stitched papers . This makes this market popular for street shopping in Udaipur.
MarketFamousForDancing puppets, wall decorations, pens, pen stands, traditional lanterns, handmade papers, and painted wooden boxes to exquisite pottery, everything is available here.
OpeningHours10 am to 7 pm
PeopleLoveForPlaceA variety of products made in Udaipur.
PopularThingstoBuyFamous for street shopping in Udaipur.
RushHoursFrom 2pm onwards.

Clock Tower – The shopping district of Udaipur

AddressIt is very close to the City Palace
AverageTimeToSpendFrom 2-4 hours.
ExtraIt is one of typical winding alleys where all kinds of exotic things can be bought, including gold and silver items. Copper goods churned out by master coppersmiths are particularly good. The craftsmanship of lac jewelry makers is truly remarkable. It is nice to shop here at night when the clock is lit up. The market remains closed on Sundays.
MarketFamousForPolki, Lac, Kundan, and Meenakari jewelry design of Rajasthan. Even gold and silver jewelry with meenakari and kundan work is very popular. Beautifully crafted copperware is another item for which clock tower is widely known.
OpeningHours10 am to 8.30 pm
PeopleLoveForPlaceIt is a place to buy beautiful jewellery of different kinds.
RushHoursFrom 11 pm to 7 pm

Hathi Pol Bazaar – The illustrious world of artists & their paintings

AddressAdjacent to the City Palace
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1 hour.
ExtraHathi Pol is an important market in Udaipur where you can find a huge variety of handicrafts and folk arts of Rajasthan. It is frequented by locals and is hence fairly priced. If you are a fan of true Rajasthani art, this market is the place for you to shop in Udaipur. This market is closed on Sundays.
MarketFamousForThe Rajasthani miniature paintings, Pichwai and Phad paintings are must-buys. Authentic souvenirs, wooden handicrafts, and colourful ‘Nagra’ slippers made from camel skin with beautiful embroidery are highly recommended.
OpeningHours 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.
PeopleLoveForPlaceA very moderately priced market.
PopularThingstoBuyEmbroidery shops and authentic Rajasthani accessories shop.
RushHoursIn the noons

Jagdish Temple Street – The place to shop for your leather journals

AddressJagdish Temple Street is very centrally located, right in the middle of the city.
AverageTimeToSpendFrom 2-3 hours.
ExtraJagdish Temple Street is a very busy marketplace where you can shop for items like traditional wooden toys, vivacious puppets, multi-hued tapestry, bright colored cloth lanterns, painted wooden objects and handmade postcards. The market remains closed on Sundays.
MarketFamousForCamel leather journals and diaries. Apart from traditional wooden toys, the street is full of vivacious puppets. You can also shop for good terracotta and metal curios.
OpeningHours10 am to 8 pm
PeopleLoveForPlaceA good place to buy authentic handmade products.
RushHoursFrom 11 pm to 6 pm

Lake Palace Road – For street shopping in Udaipur

AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1-2 hours
ExtraLake Palace Road is very well known for embroidered textiles and wooden statues. There are a number of souvenir shops which line the street on both sides. The market remains closed on Sundays.
MarketFamousForTextiles, including embroidered and woven items. It is also good for wooden and brass statues of Hindu deities.
OpeningHours10 am to 6.30 pm
PeopleLoveForPlaceYou can find about anything from precious gems, kundans to silver trinkets, and tie ‘n’ dye to woven items. It is undoubtedly one of the best places for shopping in Udaipur.
RushHoursFrom 11 pm to 4 pm

Rajasthali – One of the best shopping places in Udaipur

AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1-2 hours
ExtraRajasthali is a government emporium which offers a wide range of handicrafts items. Here, you will find a large variety of Rajasthani crafts made up of brass, terracotta, precious & semi- precious stones, mirrors, marbles, and many other artistic things.
MarketFamousForTextile, furniture, blue pottery, terracotta pottery, paintings, silver and lac jeweller.
OpeningHours10.30 am to 7 pm
PeopleLoveForPlaceA wide range of authentic Rajasthani products are sold here.
PopularThingstoBuyPick up the colourful jhootis and turbans to jazz up your traditional look. Grab that oxidised silver jewelry you have been wanting forever. from local shops
RushHoursThroughout the day

Sadhna Emporium – Dab in the colors of Rajasthan

Addressnorth-west Udaipur, near the police station of Fatehpura Circle. It is around 7 km from the Udaipur Railway Station.
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1-2 hours.
ExtraSadhna Emporium was conceived in 1988 to provide alternative income to women in Udaipur’s rural, tribal and urban slum belts. It is the crafts outlet for Seva Mandir, an NGO working with rural and tribal people in Rajasthan. It is closed on Sundays.
MarketFamousForBed sheets, cushion covers, table mats & coasters, table covers, bags, dairies, dupattas, kurtas, sarees, and jackets.
OpeningHours10 am to 7 pm
PeopleLoveForPlaceA very reasonably priced market with quality products.
RushHoursFrom 2pm onwards.

Shilpgram – Kahani shilpkaron ki

Address3 kms west from Udaipur, near the Havala village.
AverageTimeToSpendFrom 2-3 hours.
ExtraShilpgram is a heritage crafts village that is located about 3 km west of Fateh Sagar in Udaipur. Spread over a large area of 70 acres, the village displays an array of traditional mud huts and wood-houses, enhanced with straw and sticks. This crafts village remains closed on Sundays.
MarketFamousForIt is a fair, ideal for trying out the handicrafts in the form of clothes and accessories of Rajasthan.
OpeningHours11 am to 7 pm
PeopleLoveForPlaceIt is a shopping heaven in Udaipur, the main attraction of this place is the way it is constructed. It gives you a glimpse into the lifestyle of the rural Rajasthanis.
RushHoursFrom 2pm onwards.