Religious Places in Thekaddy
Religious Places in Thekaddy

Mangla Devi Temple

AddressMangala Devi Kannaki Temple Idukki, Tamil Nadu 685509
AverageTimeToSpend30 Min
BriefTemple is built within the premises of the world renowned Periyar Tiger Reserve and is located at its northern boundary.
DistanceFromOtherPlace8 KM from Periyar Lake,25 KM from chellarcovil view point,
ExtraMangaladevi temple is not opened all the year round. The devotees can only worship the Devi during the time of Chitrapournami festival which falls on the month of April/May.
FactsThe temple is famous for its Pandyan architecture. The boundary walls and the steps leading to the temple are made up of huge stones.
OpeningHoursOpen on Chitra Pournami
PeopleLoveForPlaceVery decent and holy temple in forest.ancient monuments inside the temple, the brick-works and dome are fascinating
TipsGet prior permission from the wildlife warden of Thekkady to visit the temple
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