Famous Treks in the Area in Sikkim
Famous Treks in the Area in Sikkim

Goechala Trek

AverageTimeToSpend9-10 Days
BriefGoecha La is a tiny place located in Sikkim, and Goecha La trek is a dream and desire for hundreds of adventure lovers throughout the country
ExtraEntangled amidst vibrant and colorful flora and fauna, it is also the way to the astounding Kanchenjunga National Park to dive into the natural beauty.
FactsTo watch the mountains clearly, you should visit Goechala during October to November since the sky will be completely clear during this time and the sunset, as well as sunrise views, would be perfect.
OpeningHoursOpen 24 Hours
PeopleLoveForPlaceMurky valleys, snow clad mountain peaks, astonishing lakes, and lovely rivers
TicketPriceForeign National-INR 2000
TipsClimatic conditions in the high altitudes vary from the plains; take adequate time to get acclimatized to high altitudes.
TrekInfo90 KM

Yuksom Dzongri Trek

AverageTimeToSpend7 Days
BriefYuksom Dzongri Trek is one the most prominent short high elevation trek and is considered as a shorter form of the Goechala Trek.
ExtraThis place is the hidden gem in the north-eastern region; trekkers on this adventurous and interesting trek to get introduced to the captivating splendor of picturesque backdrops and exotic wildlife.
FactsThe best season for trekking in this region is the summer between mid of March till June mid. After that, another right time is in the autumn during mid September till November.
OpeningHoursOpen 24 Hours
PeopleLoveForPlaceCaptivating beauty of the valleys and mountain peaks
TicketPriceForeign National-INR 2000
TipsMost of the trekking trails falls under eco-friendly zone. Do not participate in plucking flowers, creating noise or disturb the vicinity in any form or littering the vicinity in any form.
TrekInfo50 KM

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

AverageTimeToSpend10-11 Days
BriefEmbark on this trek to enjoy the panoramic view of the neighboring mountains - Frey Peak (5830 m), Koktang (6,148 m), Kabru Peak (7,412 m), Ratong, Chandra Peak and the Kabru Dome (6600 m)
ExtraThe third highest mountain in the world offering you the best adventure possible will be in your heart forever and the trek done here is one of the greatest achievement you could get.
FactsTrekking was not allowed here initially and later when explorers started unwinding the trek routes, they could find the hidden treasures like lakes, dense forests, tribal villages, landscapes and rich flora and fauna.
OpeningHoursOpen 24 Hours
PeopleLoveForPlaceThe views are very dream like and the sunsets were even more beautiful.
TicketPriceForeign National-INR 2000
TipsDuring your trek you might have to fill water from the lakes and rivers nearby so it is always advisable to carry water disinfecting drugs which you can easily get in Kathmandu.
TrekInfo90 KM

Green Lake Trek

AverageTimeToSpend12-13 Days
BriefJotted with scenic lakes, lofty mountains, colorful meadows, rich flora and dense forests, it truly proves to be a paradise for the visitors.
ExtraThe winding road that leads to this stunning lake is interspersed with a large variety of rhododendrons that are a sight for the eyes.
FactsGreen Lake near Lachen is one such hidden gem that allows amazing view of the Kanchenjunga and other glorious Himalayan peaks.
OpeningHoursOpen 24 Hours
PeopleLoveForPlaceScenic lakes, lofty mountains, colorful meadows, rich flora and dense forests, a great paradise for all visitors
TicketPriceForeign National-INR 2000
TipsWhile visiting the temples, do obey proper dress-code and do not hurt the local sentiments of the places
TrekInfo32 KM

Rhododendron Trek

AverageTimeToSpend7 Days
BriefRhododendron trek is known as Guras. Guras is the real charm of the Eastern Himalayan Mountains.
ExtraIn Spring, from late April to mid May, the forests of sikkim are ablaze with brilliant Rhododendron blossoms both in Low and High Altitude region.
Facts Villages are nestled in the lap of the grand Himalayan Kingdom. Barsay and Maenam in the south and west of the region are there for explorations.
OpeningHoursOpen 24 Hours
PeopleLoveForPlaceMost colorful treks and has variety of species of rhododendrons blooming at the season.
TicketPriceForeign National-INR 2000
TipsThis moderate trek requires normal or average fitness.
TrekInfo40 KM

Varsey Trek

AverageTimeToSpend3 Days
BriefA wonderful Himalayan trek adorned with riots of rhododendron, Varsey trek is an offbeat trekking destination of Sikkim
ExtraThe trek reaches up to a height of 3300 m and ideal for short to medium distance treks.
FactsFrom March to April Rhododendron trees bloom with vibrant colors and the hills ablaze with different shades of red and yellow Rhododendron.
OpeningHoursOpen 24 Hours
PeopleLoveForPlaceArea is beautified by hanging mosses and a wonderful array of endemic species of flora and fauna.
TicketPriceForeign National-INR 2000
TipsAfter a visit to Gangtok, one of the most fascinating tourist spots of Sikkim and Pemayangtse Monastery, one can plan for a three days trek with night stay in camps to see those bewildering sights of Varsey

Kasturi Orar Round Trek

AverageTimeToSpend15-18 Days
BriefKasturi Orar Round Trek is a round trek passing Goecha la Pass and Offers you an extraordinary mountain views
ExtraSeason : March - June and Aug - November
FactsThis trek till Goecha La the highest point of the trek. From here we can view the Talung Glacier and Mt Kanchenjunga very near.
OpeningHoursOpen 24 Hours
PeopleLoveForPlaceThe views are simply remarkable and enchanting.
TicketPriceForeign National-INR 2000
TipsThis trek is specially suitable for the trekkers who loves to explore less explored regions, face challenges and like to be with raw nature for bit longer period of time.