Unseen/OffBeat Places in Shimla
Unseen/OffBeat Places in Shimla

Annadale Ground

AddressAnnadale Ground Annadale Rd, Annadale, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171003 https://maps.google.com/?cid=3623951226168198638
AverageTimeToSpend1-2 Hours
BriefAnnandale is a serene location of Shimla replete with mesmerizing vistas, a sporty golf club, an Indian Army Museum, a Cactus museum and a tranquil aura to spellbind you with.
DistanceFromOtherPlace7.4 KM from Chadwick Falls, 4.1 KM from Himachal State museum
ExtraThe playground is in a shape of a big, huge circle and organizes parades, army activities, sports and festivals like Dushhera
FactsIt has been a playground for British in pre-independence times and is a central destination to travel around in Shimla
OpeningHours10.00 AM-2.00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceWell maintained lush green grounds which has army museum and helipad attached to it
TipsA cafe is built within Annandale so you don’t have to worry about food!
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Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex

AddressGaiety Heritage Cultural Complex Shimla Ridge, Middle Bazar, The Mall, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171001 0177 265 0173 https://maps.google.com/?cid=17837996871914885046
AverageTimeToSpend1 Hour
BriefOpened in 1877, Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex was a place for amateur theatricals during the British Raj.
DistanceFromOtherPlace2.3 KM from Christ Church Shimla, 2.0 KM from Kali bari temple
ExtraThis complex is visited by thousands of tourists around the year for its architectural, cultural and historical beauty.
FactsThe most popular attraction in this complex is the Victorian theater where legends like Rudyard Kipling, Prithvi Raj Kapoor, Baten Powel, K. L. Sehgal and others have performed
OpeningHours11.00 AM-10.00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceWell maintained building with good exhibition of paintings. Clean and beautifully decorated interiors
TicketPriceIndian- INR 10 Foreign National- INR 25
TipsIt is better to take a guided tour for better understanding of historical facts
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Kalka Shimla Railways

AverageTimeToSpend5 Hour
Brief7 trains scurry between Kalka and the capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla. The route includes travel through the states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and more. T
ExtraKLK SML Special takes the most time to reach Shimla, covering a distance of 96 km in 05 hours and 40 mins.
FactsCovering a distance of 96 km in 04 hours and 20 mins, Rail Motor is the fastest among all the trains that run along this route. It is available everyday. This train can be boarded from Kalka at 05:00 which reaches 09:20 on the same day.
PeopleLoveForPlaceOffers panoramic views of the picturesque Shivalik Hills, as well as the enigmatic Himalayas along the way.
TicketPriceINR 320
TipsTo avoid local travel hassle one may chose Shivalk DLX EXP, as it is the only train that runs between Kalka and Shimla without taking any halts. 5 trains run directly between Kalka and Shimla namely, KLK SML Pass, Rail Motor, Shivalk DLX EXP, Kalka Simla EXP and Himalyan Queen.
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Green Valley

AddressGreen Valley, Shimla Kufri, Himachal Pradesh 171012 https://maps.google.com/?cid=17398267291678363453
AverageTimeToSpend1-2 Hours
BriefThe Green Valley is a beautiful and breathtaking mountain range that falls on the way to Kufri from Shimla
DistanceFromOtherPlace2.0 KM from Shimla reserve forest sanctuary,14.7 KM from Jakhu temple
ExtraThe Green Valley is surrounded by verdant hills on all sides that are covered with thick forests of pine and deodar.
FactsIt is not uncommon to sight some Yaks wandering and grazing around in the valley
OpeningHours6.00 AM-6.00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceBeautiful and breathtaking mountain range with exotic views all round the places
TipsThe place is ideal for photographing as it offers some of the most mesmerizing sights that nature has to offer
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Summer Hill

AddressSummer Hill Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171005 https://maps.google.com/?q=Summer+Hill%2C+Shimla%2C+Himachal+Pradesh+171005&ftid=0x390579060aa639dd:0x2fc78056d1c04c63
AverageTimeToSpend1-2 Hours
BriefThe Summer Hill is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing of the seven hills which make up Shimla, present in the state of Himachal Pradesh
DistanceFromOtherPlace1.1 KM from Chadwick Falls,1.7 KM from Indian Institute of advanced study
ExtraThe dense forest is a welcome spot to get in touch with nature and to enjoy the most among-st the varied fauna and flora within in
FactsThe hill is situated at about 5 kilometers from the famed Shimla Ridge, and has to be visited to enjoy its beauty.
OpeningHours6.00 AM-6.00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceNeat and clean place with lots of hotels and resort which also provides beautiful views
TipsThe hills are chilly and hence wear good cozy clothing which can keep you warm.
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AddressKufri Himachal Pradesh https://maps.google.com/?q=Kufri%2C+Himachal+Pradesh&ftid=0x390583e9fa930c1d:0x557edf73688dd0d5
AverageTimeToSpend1 Day
BriefThe Hill Station Kufri is just 16 km from Shimla, at the height of 2,633 meters, famous for its trekking and hiking trails
DistanceFromOtherPlace2.5 KM from Shimla Reserve Forest,7.4 KM from shimla water catchment wildlife sanctuary
ExtraIt is also known for nature parks and picnic spots. It also has a Potato Research Station. It is famous for winter sports.
FactsIt is famous for it's ski slopes, and panoramic views where deep valleys and forests rise towards the lofty Himalayas.
OpeningHours12.00 AM-12.00 AM
PeopleLoveForPlaceBeautiful and peaceful place where skiing and pine forest trekking can be done
TipsThe best time to visit Kufri is in summers, between April and June.
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The Glen

AddressNr. Cadwick Falls, Shimla 171001, India
AverageTimeToSpend1 Hour
BriefGlen is a u shaped valley, located near to Andale and Summer Hill forest amid dense forest of deodar and pine trees.
DistanceFromOtherPlace4 KM from Chadwick Falls
ExtraThis famous spot has a hiking trail that extends towards Summer Hill and Chora maidan, where tourists get to explore the dense surroundings of Shimla while enjoying the calmness and the greenery around
FactsGlen can be easily reached by car, but some people prefer to walk here on feet as it is located only 4 km away from the main mall road.
PeopleLoveForPlacePeaceful and serene place is a beautiful picnic spot away from city with lots of greenery
TipsIt is better to visit the Glen before sunset
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Shaily Peak

Address"Shaily Peak Naldehra, Himachal Pradesh 171007 093184 49296 https://maps.google.com/?cid=14785181196487384083"
AverageTimeToSpend1-2 Hour
BriefShaily Peak in Naldehra Hill station, combines splendid greenery with a magical climate, a match made in heaven.
DistanceFromOtherPlace21.4 KM from Jakhu Temple,14.9 KM from shimla water catchment wildlife sanctuary
ExtraThe beautiful view from the top of the hill will make the long and challenging trek worth it. The trek crosses densely covered forests, a beautiful experience in itself.
FactsBest time to visit would be during the summers, when the hills are not covered with snow
OpeningHours6.00 AM-6.00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceNice and adventurous place to visit. must visit for people who like horse riding
TipsIf you are not keen on trekking a rocky trail, you can opt for a pony ride or via a motor able track.
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Pabbar Valley

AddressPabbar Valley Ground Floor , Crystal Lodge Near Kapil Hotel ,Bharari Road, Shankli, Longwood, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171001 098055 60325 https://maps.google.com/?cid=10372814312458387461
AverageTimeToSpend1-2 Hour
BriefThe Valley of the Pabbar river is accessed from Theog on the Hindustan Tibet Road and Rohru (131 Km from Shimla) is its main town.
DistanceFromOtherPlace5.8 KM from Christ Church,3.5 KM from Kali bari temple
ExtraIt is also a good location for trout fishing, sightseeing and trekking in the area
FactsKnown after the name of its major river Pabbar with numerous tributary streams, once rich in trout fish, it stretches from the southern boundaries of the legendary land of Kinnaur to the borders of the sacred land of Uttarakhand.
OpeningHoursOpen 24 Hrs
PeopleLoveForPlaceScenic attraction and a chilled river pure water, extremely picturesque
TipsThere are options for Jeep Safaris and natural walks in the spectacular valley of Pabbar.
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Tani-Jubber Lake

AddressPabbar Valley Ground Floor , Crystal Lodge Near Kapil Hotel ,Bharari Road, Shankli, Longwood, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171001 098055 60325 https://maps.google.com/?cid=10372814312458387461
AverageTimeToSpend1 Hour
BriefAni Jubbar Lake is an oval shaped, artificially fed, shallow mass of water located near Narkanda.
DistanceFromOtherPlace72 KM from Shimla
ExtraThis virtually stamp-sized mountain lake is surrounded by fringed, cedar forests that make for an idyllic picnic setting.
FactsTani Jubar Lake is also famous for the ‘Nag Devta’ temple, where the locals offer prayers to the serpent god.
OpeningHoursOpen 24 Hrs
PeopleLoveForPlaceBeautiful and pristine lake . A good place to sit and relax while enjoying the natural beauty.
TipsThere are clearing near the lake for travelers to pitch their tents who wish to stay the night camping and star gazing.
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