Museums in Shimla
Museums in Shimla

Indian Institute of Advanced Study

AddressIndian Institute of Advanced Study Near Birds Zoo Boileaugunj Rashtrapati Nivas, Chaura Maidan, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171005 0177 283 2930
AverageTimeToSpend1 Hour
BriefEducational facility housed in an 1880's Indo-Gothic mansion, offering tours to the public
DistanceFromOtherPlace5.5 KM from Army Heritage Museum, 4.0 KM from Scandal point
ExtraThe Inside of this monument is teak-paneled and there is an entrance doorway, a huge staircase and fireplace which best parts to sight-see here
FactsIt is also referred to as Viceregal Lodge and has been host for many events and conferences including Shimla Agreement 1947
OpeningHours9.00 AM-5.00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceThe place is well maintained with a beautiful garden.Amazing building with an astonishing architecture
TicketPriceINR 40 for Indian citizens, INR 85 for Foreigners, INR 20 for Garden Visit.
TypeOfMuseumIndian research center
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Viceregal Lodge

AddressViceregal Lodge & Botanical Gardens Rashtrapati Nivas Chaura Maidan Road, Near, Observatory Hill, Boileauganj, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171005 0177 283 1376
AverageTimeToSpend1 Hour
BriefThis palatial former home of the british viceroyal, now a government office, offers guided tours
DistanceFromOtherPlace5.5 KM from Army Heritage Museum, 4.0 KM from Scandal point
ExtraOriginally the residence of the Viceroys of India, it now houses the Indian Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS), where research scholars from all around the world congregate for debates and discussions
FactsAlso known as the Rashtrapati Niwas, the Viceregal Lodge is a heritage building situated atop the Observatory Hill in Shimla.
OpeningHours10.30 AM-5.00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceSprawling gardens on all sides, a baronial fire place and balconies offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains
TicketPriceINR 40 for Indian citizens, INR 85 for Foreigners, INR 20 for Garden Visit.
TypeOfMuseumIndian research center
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Annandale Army Heritage Museum

AddressArmy Heritage Museum Annadale Rd, Annadale, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171003
AverageTimeToSpend1 Hour
BriefCozy museum offering educational displays on national army history with weapons and uniforms
DistanceFromOtherPlace7.4 KM from Chadwick Falls, 4.1 KM from Himachal State museum
ExtraThe museum provides comprehensive information about the various regiments of Indian Army
FactsThe surrender letter that Pakistan signed during the 1971 war is exhibited here. Moreover, the arms and weapons that were used in the war also displayed in the museum
OpeningHours10.00 AM-2.00 PM, 3.00 PM-5.00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceWell maintained museum with excellent scenery.Beautiful golf course
TypeOfMuseumDisplay of National army weapons and uniforms
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Himachal State Museum

AddressHimachal State Museum Library Chaura Maidan Rd, Nabha, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171004 0177 280 5044
AverageTimeToSpend1-2 Hours
BriefThe State Museum Shimla is housed in an old Victorian mansion carefully altered to adapt it to the museum
DistanceFromOtherPlace3 KM from Scandal Point, 3.3 KM from Chadwick falls
ExtraPerched on a lonely hilltop known as ‘Inveram’ the serenity and the quietude of the distant mountains from here is striking.
FactsIts main motive is to preserve the antiquities stored here, and to maintain them.
OpeningHours10.00 AM-5.00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceSurroundings very calm and serene. It is full of lush greenery and sloping cavities.
TicketPriceIndian- INR 30 Foreigner- INR 100
TypeOfMuseumHistory, Culture, Archaeology
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Reserve Forest Sanctuary

AddressShimla Reserve Forest Sanctuary NH 22, Charabra, Mashobra, Himachal Pradesh 171012 094595 19620
AverageTimeToSpend2 Hours
Brief951- Hectare area of forested mountainside crisscrossed with small streams and home to native wildlife
DistanceFromOtherPlace4.9 KM from Water Catchment wildlife sanctuary, 10 KM from Jakhu temple
ExtraThe Himalayan deodar, pine, oak, rhododendron, horse chestnut and maple are most widely found trees.
FactsFrom this sanctuary, you can behold breathtaking views of Deo Tibba, Chota Shali, Bandar Poonch, Rakta Dhar, Badrinath and Pir Panjal – some of the most majestic Himalayan Mountains
OpeningHours9.00 AM-5.00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceA good long walk in the forest with nice views. Great scenery water falls and best part wooden cabins.
TicketPriceINR 25
TypeOfMuseumWildlife Sanctuary
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Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary

AddressShimla Water Catchment Wildlife Sanctuary NH 22 Charabra Mashobra, Himachal Pradesh 171012, Himachal Pradesh 171012 0177 262 3993
AverageTimeToSpend3 Hours
BriefForested nature preserve and site of the city's water supply, featuring hiking trails and wildlife
DistanceFromOtherPlace5.4 KM from Jakhu Temple, 6.4 KM from Christ church
ExtraErstwhile the property of the famous Rana of Koti, the Shimla Water Catchment Sanctuary is today the source of water supply in all of Shimla
FactsThe plantations in the area includes of coniferous forests, which means the presence of White Oak, Deodar trees, Vascular herbs, Chill Pine and Blue Pine in huge amount.
OpeningHours10.00 AM-4.00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceCyclical trail is good, great place to visit in all seasons
TypeOfMuseumWildlife Sanctuary
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Johnnie's Wax Museum

AddressJohnnie's Wax Museum Near willow Bank, 2, Mall Rd, The Mall, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171001 0177 281 3777
AverageTimeToSpend30 Minutes
BriefModest attraction featuring life sized wax figures of local and international icons
DistanceFromOtherPlace4.0 KM from Himalayan Bird Park, 4.6 KM from Army Heritage Museum
ExtraIt is beautifully crafted by artists of “BM Brothers company”- Gurgaon based company. The Johnnie’s Wax Museum is located at the historic Willow Banks estate in capital city Shimla
FactsCollection of sixteen wax statues made in London are now displayed at the historic Willow Bank Estate.
OpeningHours10.00 AM-10.00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceThe place is well maintained, with good music. Photography is allowed. The wax statues are plenty in number and all of them look beautiful.
TicketPriceINR 250
TypeOfMuseumWax figures of personalities
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Himalyan Bird Park

AddressHimalayan Bird Park Museum Road, Near Advanced University, Chaura Maidan, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171004
AverageTimeToSpend30 Minutes
BriefSmall, simple park, open in summer only, exhibiting a range of native and exotic birds.
DistanceFromOtherPlace650 m from Indian institute of Advanced Study,5.2 KM from Sankat Mochan Temple
ExtraThe Himalayan Aviary or the Himalayan Bird Park is located opposite the Viceregal Lodge, at a height of over 2000 meters.
FactsA wonderful place for nature lovers, it comprises of lush green pastures awash with rare plants and trees and a huge collection of bird species like peafowl, pheasants, the Himalayan Monal, peacocks
OpeningHours10.00 AM-6.00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceBeautiful, well maintained, small bird park. Peacocks are the star attraction.
TicketPriceINR 10
TypeOfMuseumBird Park
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