offbeat in kodaikanal
offbeat in kodaikanal

Bear Shola Fall

AddressBear Shola Falls Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624103 090478 58541
Average Time To Spend1 Hour
BriefSmall waterfall, active during the rainy season, reached by a short, forested hiking trail.
Distance From Other Place3.1 KM from Kodaikanal Lake 2.7 KM from Lake View Point
ExtraThe falls get their name, as it is believed that this cascade was the drinking place of the bears of the reserve forest around.
FactsThe best time to visit the falls is during the rainy season when the water level is at its fullest and thus most beautiful. Ideally the months of October to May are the most visited months to the Bear Shola Falls.
Opening Hours10.00 AM- 6.00 PM
People Love For PlaceSmall falls with small trek. Good for photos. Fall is isolated so the place is not crowded at all
Ticket PriceFree
TipsIf interested, one can also go for trekking here. It has a beautiful climbing path which is almost 1 km long inside the forest.
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Berijam Lake

AddressBerijam Lake Tamil Nadu 624101
BriefThe lake, created by a dam with sluice outlets, is part of a micro–watershed development project
Distance From Other Place15.4 KM from Pillar Rocks Viewpoint 14.5 KM from Guna Caves
ExtraThe lake is rich in flora and fauna. One can spot fauna like bison, leopard around the lake.
FactsOne requires a forest pass for entering the area. You can easily get the passes from District Forest Office which provides free passes to the tourists
Opening Hours9.00 AM- 3.00 PM
People Love For PlaceClean water and environment. Beautiful scenery
Ticket PriceINR 100
TipsForest department gives permission to enter with their vehicle for a nominal fee of Rs.100/- each for a 2 hour round trip in a 16 seater Mahindra van. Since there are limited vehicles available, its important to visit early and get permission
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Silent Valley View and Caps Fly Valley

AddressSilent Valley view Berijam Rd, Tamil Nadu 624101
Average Time To SpendBelow 1 hour
BriefSilent Valley View, situated at a short distance from Pillar Rocks, can be seen on the Berijam lake road
Distance From Other Place6.8 KM from Berijam Lake 8.5 KM from Pillar Rocks View Point
ExtraA quick stopover on the way to berijam lake.
FactsJust a few feet off the road is the Silent Valley Viewpoint where you can see the emerald valley below, sometimes blanketed in cotton bales of white haze, is more than picture perfect.
People Love For PlacePicturesque valleys, lakes, trees crowd the whole valley. Breathtaking view. Good for photography
Ticket PriceFree
TipsThe best time to make a visit to this valley is during early morning and late afternoon. Since the valley is deep, children visiting this valley have to be accompanied by their parents.
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Perumal Peak

AddressPerumal Peak Tamil Nadu 624212
Average Time To Spend2 Hours
BriefPerumal Peak or Perumal Malai Peak is a high peak at kodaikanal in the Perumalmalai hills, which are part of the greater Western Ghat mountain range in Tamil Nadu.
Distance From Other Place14 KM from Silver Cascade Falls 17.2 KM from Sacred Heart College Museum
ExtraThe trekking trail starts at Neutral Saddle near Perumal Mallai, a small village at the base of the peak.
FactsIt is one of the popular places for trekking in Kodaikanal and also one of the top attractions. trek begins from the foot of the Peak near Perumal Malai Village which is 11 km from Kodaikanal. The trek distance is about 7 km one way and takes about 3-4 hours one way
Opening Hours6.00 AM-6.00 PM
People Love For PlacePeak offers an excellent view of Nilgiri hills and the surrounding Western ghats.The trekking path leading to the top of the peak is safe
Ticket PriceFree
TipsThe best time to climb the Perumal Peak is from the months of December to April or May. During monsoon, the trek might come slightly risky
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Vattakanal Falls

AddressVattakanal Water Falls Dindigul, Tamil Nadu 624101 099655 24279
Average Time To Spend1-2 Hours
BriefSurrounded by trees, hills and lush greenery all around, this attraction makes up for a perfect place to observe the wonder that is nature
Distance From Other Place3.8 KM from Saleth Matha Church 3.4 KM from Coaker's Walk
ExtraThe rocks and watch points here are places from where you will get the best views of the surrounding valleys and mountains
FactsBest visited during the monsoon season when the cascade is supposed to be in full swing
Opening Hours7.00 AM- 6.00 PM
People Love For PlaceSmall falls with nice views, great place for trekking experience
Ticket PriceFree
TipsIt is advisable to be careful while going inside the pool at the bottom of the waterfall since the rocks present here are very slippery.
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Green Valley View

AddressGreen valley view point Dindigul, Tamil Nadu 624001
Average Time To SpendBelow 1 Hour
BriefThe Green Valley View offers breathtaking vistas of the lush green hills, valleys and plains spread across the entire region and the mesmerizing sight of Vaigai dam
Distance From Other Place1.8 KM from Pillar Rocks Viewpoint 4.6 KM from Dolphin's Nose
ExtraIt used to be known as suicide point because of the dangerous valley which is dense and deep
FactsThe best time to visit the Valley View is between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM as the valley gets covered by mist as the day advances making it difficult to have a clear view.
Opening Hours7.00 AM- 6.00 PM
People Love For PlaceExcellent view of mountains, lots of monkeys in the area.
Ticket PriceFree
TipsIt’s better to maintain safety, since the view point ends at a point which is 5000 ft from the ground level and so this point is also known as the suicide point.
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Vaigai Dam

AddressVaigai Dam Guest House Rd, Melmangalam, Tamil Nadu 625562
Average Time To Spend2-3 Hours
BriefOne of the largest dam in South India which is built across the Vaigai River near Andipatti
Distance From Other Place72 KM from Kodaikanal
ExtraA Small and beautiful park is maintained by the Water Resources Department on both sides of the Dam. A small bridge connects the two sides of the park in front of the dam
FactsView from the top of vaigai dam gives you full view of reservoir, western ghats and dense forest on opposite side
Opening Hours6.00 AM- 6.00 PM
People Love For PlaceMost beautiful place to see closely river flow and dam. Dam looks really good during evening
Ticket PriceFree
TipsBest time to visit is on weekdays as this is when you will be allowed to go across the dam
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Vellagavi – Kumbakkarai Falls

AddressKumbakkarai Falls Kumbakarai Road, Tamil Nadu 624101
Average Time To Spend1.5 Hours
BriefThe Kumbakkarai Falls is located on Kodaikanal Hills. Water falls surrounded by deciduous Forests
Distance From Other Place80 KM from Dolphin's Nose
ExtraRoad from Devathanapatti village, Dressing room, Rest shed, Camp shed, Toilet, Car parking, First aid box available
FactsIt is believed that the water of the falls has rich mineral and herbal content.
Opening Hours10.00 AM -4.00 PM
People Love For PlaceSmall water fall which is a good relaxing place.Forest department persons are always around and monitor for support/help.
Ticket PriceFree
TipsIt is better to check whether visitors are allowed before planning as the water flow is not consistent so there is no guarantee if it is always open
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Kodaikanal Pine Forest

AddressKodaikanal Pine Forest Kodaikanal Ghat Rd, Shenbaganur, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624101
Average Time To Spend1-2 Hours
BriefA preserved heritage of the Kodaikanal, it presents mesmerizing nature that has been preserved very carefully.
Distance From Other Place2.1 KM from Sacred Heart College Museum 2.3 KM from Silver Cascade Falls
ExtraOne can opt for horse riding, nature walks or taking photographs
FactsPine Forest 1 is situated on the road near the Solar Observatory which is crowded where as Pine Forest 2 situated near the Moir Point isnt crowded
Opening Hours10.00 AM- 6.00 PM
People Love For PlaceVery scenic, huge trees scattered evenly which makes it so beautiful. Ideal place for walks and relaxing
Ticket PriceFree
Tips The perfect time to visit the Pine Forest is from January to July since the climate remains pleasant during this time and pretty much enjoyable
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Fairy Falls

AddressFairy Falls Rd Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624103
Average Time To Spend45 Minutes
BriefFairy falls, promising refreshing nature and breathtaking scenic beauty is a popular picnic spot
Distance From Other Place2.1 KM from Wax Museum 4.5 KM from Saleth Matha Church
ExtraIt is located along with a small dam in a very secluded area full of trees.
FactsThe falls is very tall. During monsoon, this place looks heavenly beautiful as the waterfalls is in full force.
Opening Hours9.00 AM- 6.00 PM
People Love For PlaceNice falls with good scenery and not crowded
Ticket PriceFree
TipsGood flow specially during monsoon rainy season and makes for a lovely sight. So it is better to visit at that time
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Kodaikanal Lake

AddressKodaikanal Lake Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu 624101
Average Time To Spend1-2 Hours
BriefThis artificial lake created in the 19th century features a boathouse with rowboats & pedal boats
Distance From Other Place6.8 KM from Kodaikanal Pine Forests 3.1 KM from Bear Shola Falls
ExtraA unique flowering plant, Kurinji, is said to be found in the lake's catchment area. It is also found that this flower last bloomed in 2004 and it only blooms once in 12 years.
FactsBoat rides are very popular. Row boats, pedal boats and shikara boats are available for the tourists to enjoy the ride. Safety jackets are issued before the ride
Opening Hours6.00 AM- 5.00 PM
People Love For PlaceBeautiful and serene lake which is also clean and well maintained
Ticket PriceFree
TipsThe lake area gets crowded during season, better to visit during off season or on weekdays. Lot of shops around the lake.
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