Unseen/OffBeat Places in Jodhpur
Unseen/OffBeat Places in Jodhpur

Bheem Bhadak Temple

AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1 hour
BriefIt is a cave temple in Jodhpur
DistanceFromOtherPlace9.5 km from Mehrangarh fort
ExtraIt lies inside a military radar
FactsIt is a walk under a giant rock roof with birds,cages and nests
OpeningHours7:00 am to 7:00 pm
PeopleLoveForPlaceIt is an adventurous place to visit for adventure lovers as it is quite a trek to reach this place
TicketPriceFree entry
TipsWear comfortable clothes n sport shoes
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Rao Jodha Desert Rock

AverageTimeToSpendAbout 2 hours
BriefIt was restored on large Rocky wasteland of Jodhpur
DistanceFromOtherPlace1 km from Mehrangarh fort
ExtraIt was created in 2006
FactsIt is a place full of Biodiversity, flora,Fauna
OpeningHours7:00 am to 6:00 pm
PeopleLoveForPlaceA beautiful, feel good location with well maintained and clean surrounding
TicketPrice₹100 per person
TipsA beautiful place in Rainy n winter seasons
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Ghanta Ghar

AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1 hour
BriefGhanta Ghar or the Clock Tower is a prominent landmark in Jodhpur; it was built by Maharaja Sardar Singh
DistanceFromOtherPlace2 km from Rao Jodha Rock
ExtraOne can also meet the clock master
FactsIt lies in the heart of the bustling market of Jodhpur
OpeningHours10 am to 8 pm
PeopleLoveForPlaceA historic places with all kinds of Jodhpur specialties shop
TicketPrice₹10 per person
TipsKeep some extra time for shopping as well
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Mandore Gardens

AverageTimeToSpendAbout 2 hour
BriefScenic, landscaped grounds featuring tomblike monuments, a temple, statues & the ruins of Mandore.
DistanceFromOtherPlace10 km from main Jodhpur Bus Stand
ExtraThe Mandore Gardens houses ancient temples, memorials and high-rock terraces that are quite magnificent.
OpeningHours9:00 am to 10:00 pm
PeopleLoveForPlaceA must visit place for Families and friends .
TicketPrice₹50 per person
TipsMorning visits can be serene and peaceful
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Balsamand Lake

AverageTimeToSpendDepends on your suitability
BriefThis lake is a popular picnic spot, built in 1159 AD by Gurjara-Pratihara rulers.
DistanceFromOtherPlace7.4 km from Mehrangarh fort
ExtraThe lake has a length of one km, breadth of 50 m and a depth of 15 m.
FactsIt was designed as a water reservoir to provide water to Mandore.
OpeningHoursFrom Morning- Evening
PeopleLoveForPlaceIt is one of the most luxurious experience in Jodhpur
TicketPriceDepends on the hotel bookings
TipsOne can only visit during day if not staying in the Hotel here
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Kalyana Lake

AverageTimeToSpendAbout 30 min
BriefIt is an artificial lake, built by Pratap Singh in 1872
DistanceFromOtherPlace8 km west of Jodhpur
ExtraIn ancient times this region had palaces and gardens made by two rulers of Jodhpur - Bhim Singh and Takhat Singh.
PeopleLoveForPlaceIt is a man made place which makes visit here very interesting
TicketPriceNo entry fee
TipsIt is a good spot to click pictures
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Jaswant Sagar Dam

AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1-2 hours
BriefJaswant Sagar Dam was constructed by Maharajah Jaswant Singh in 1892.
DistanceFromOtherPlace72 km from Roa Jodha Desert Rock
ExtraThere is no Boating facility available here
FactsA beautiful place with Blue water is quite an experience
PeopleLoveForPlaceThe blue colored water is quite soothing to the eyes
TicketPriceNo entry fee
TipsBest time to visit is during day
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