Museums in Darjeeling
Museums in Darjeeling

Tiger Hill

AddressWest Bengal 734123
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 2 hours
BriefTiger Hill is located in Darjeeling, in the Indian State of West Bengal, and is the summit of Ghoom, the highest railway station in the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
DistanceFromOtherPlace11 Km from the town of Darjeeling
ExtraSenchal Wildlife Sanctuary is close to Tiger Hill
FactsAt sunrise, the peaks of Kanchenjunga are illuminated before the sun is seen at lower elevations.
OpeningHoursOpen 24 hours
PeopleLoveForPlaceGives a panoramic view of Mt. Everest nad Kanchenjunga together.
TicketPriceNo entry fee
TipsDo carry your cameras
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Batasia Loop

AddressWest Point, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734102
AverageTimeToSpend1-2 hours
BriefThe Batasia Loop is a spiral railway created to lower the gradient of ascent of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway in Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India
DistanceFromOtherPlace5 kilometers from Darjeeling,
ExtraIt was commissioned in 1919.
Facts At this point, the track spirals around over itself through a tunnel and over a hilltop.
OpeningHours5:00 AM to 8:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceThe view of the train tearing past the white of the clouds and deeper into the green beauty of the terrain is a refreshing and enchanting expedition which should not be missed.
TicketPriceRS. 10
TipsA fun filled experience.
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Happy Valley Tea Estate

AddressLebong Cart Rd, Chauk Bazaar, Near, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 2 hours
BriefHappy Valley Tea Estate is a tea garden in Darjeeling district in the Indian state of West Bengal.
DistanceFromOtherPlace1.3 km from Chauk Bazaar
Facts Established in 1854, it is Darjeeling's second oldest tea estate.
OpeningHours9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceA very guided tour givinh knowledge about the tea plantation and the opportunity to buy export quality tea.
TicketPriceRS. 100
TipsTake a cab and avoid driving on your own to this place.
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Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

BriefNational Rail Museum (India), the focus of India’s Rail heritage, submitted a proposal to UNESCO on 29th June 1998 for inscribing the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) as a World HERITAGE Site. Accordingly, UNESCO’S World Heritage Committee inscribed DHR as a World Heritage Site on 2nd December 1999
DistanceFromOtherPlace39 km from Chauk Bazaar
ExtraThe Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is the first, and still the most outstanding example of a hill passenger Railway.
FactsOpen in 1881, it applied bold and ingenious engineering solutions to the problem of establishing and effect rail link across a mountainous terrain of great beauty
OpeningHoursDepends in the booking.
PeopleLoveForPlaceIt is one of the most mesmerizing experiences of ones life and a ride full of joy.
TicketPriceDepends on the root choice .
TipsNo prior booking required in off season.
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Passenger Ropeway

AddressSingamari, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734104
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 45 min
Brief It consists of sixteen cars and plies between the "North Point" in the town of Darjeeling and Singla on the banks of the Ramman river.
DistanceFromOtherPlace3 Km From Darjeeling Railway Station
FactsOpened in 1968, the country's first cable car system offers panoramic views of historic tea gardens
OpeningHours9:30 AM to 4:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceOffers a picturesque view of the lush green tea gardens.
TicketPriceRs. 100
TipsDo carry your cameras
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Barbotey Rock Garden

AddressRock Garden Rd, Bloomfield Tea Garden, West Bengal 734102
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1 hour
BriefThe flower beds are gorgeous and the garden also has a waterfall flowing through it, which is quite a pretty sight during monsoons
DistanceFromOtherPlace8 km from Chauk Bazaar
ExtraIt is good place for photo shoots.
FactsThe benches in the garden are made by cutting rocks at different levels.
OpeningHours8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceIt is beautiful and water fall there is awesome. It is on mountain from top to bottom u can enjoy water fall, nice place for photo shoot
TicketPriceINR 10 per person for Indians, INR 50 per person for foreign tourists
TipsAvoid Evening visits as there is no electricity after sunset.
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Coronation Bridge

Address 734401, Coronation Bridge, Sevoke, West Bengal 734401
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 45 min
BriefThe Coronation Bridge, also known as the Sevoke Bridge, in Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India, spans across the Teesta River, connecting the districts of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri.
DistanceFromOtherPlace51 km from Darjeeling Mall
ExtraKnown for its Architecture.
FactsIt was opened in 1941
OpeningHoursAbout 2.5 hours
PeopleLoveForPlaceA great experience of the might river currents and the tall arched bridge above it.
TicketPriceFree entry
TipsAvoid visits in the monsoons.
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Observatory Hill, Darjeeling

Address Naya Basti, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 3 hour
BriefObservatory Hill is a hill near Chowrasta square, or The Mall as it is popularly known, in Darjeeling, West Bengal, India
DistanceFromOtherPlace1 km from Darjeeling Mall
ExtraThe Bhutia Busty monastery was originally located here. Now the hill has the temple of Mahakal.
FactsViews of snow-clad peaks, including Mount Kanchenjunga, are visible from the Observatory Hill.
OpeningHours7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceThe view of the snow clad mountains from hill is breathtaking.
TicketPriceFree entry
TipsDo carry your cameras
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Lloyd's Botanical Garden

AddressChauk Bazaar, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 2.5 hours
BriefLloyd's Botanical Garden, or Darjeeling Botanical Garden, is a botanical garden in Darjeeling in the Indian state of West Bengal
DistanceFromOtherPlace1.5 km from Chauk Bazaar.
FactsLocated at an altitude of almost 1800 meters, the Lloyd Botanical Gardens houses many rare species of flora. The collection of flora gives a clear picture of the vegetation that is dominant in the Himalayan region, especially Sikkim and other neighboring places.
OpeningHours8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceVarious species of flora and fauna are found here.
TicketPriceFree entry
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Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

AddressDarjeeling - Jorethang Road, Jawahar Parbat, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1.5 hours
BriefIt specializes in breeding animals adapted to alpine conditions and has successful captive breeding programs for the snow leopard, the critically endangered Himalayan wolf and the red panda.
DistanceFromOtherPlace8 km from Chauk Bazaar
ExtraYou can click pictures wearing the Leopards costumes
FactsIn the year 1958 and was named after the former governor of West Bengal, Padmaja Naidu, who was also the daughter of Sarojini Naidu
OpeningHours8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceA good place in the lap of environment .
TicketPriceINR 20 (for Indians and SAARC country residents), INR 50 (for foreigners), INR 10(Camera)
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Neora Valley National Park

AddressBengal, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 3 hours
BriefNeora Valley National Park is situated in the Kalimpong district, West Bengal, India and was established in 1986
DistanceFromOtherPlace83 km from Chauk Bazaar
FactsIt spreads over an area of 88 km² and is one of the richest biological zones in the entire Eastern India
OpeningHours9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceA beautiful place for nature lovers with cozy ambiance and a perfect place for birdwatchers.
TicketPriceRs. 50 is the entry fee
TypeOfMuseumNational Park
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Himalayan Tibet Museum

Address12, Gandhi Road, Limbugaon, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734101
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1 hour
BriefTibetan history & culture museum with artifacts & exhibits, including a 3-D model of the Himalayas.
DistanceFromOtherPlace3 km from Dali Monastery
ExtraIt is built on the theme of Chinese occupied Tibet.
FactsThis is the newest museum in Darjeeling inaugurated on 2nd July 2015 by revered Tibetan guru Gurung Tulku Nima Hoiser Rinpoche.
OpeningHours9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceA good place to know about Tibetian history and culture
TicketPriceRs. 50 is the entry fee
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Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

AddressUpper Tendu Forest M, West Bengal 735223
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 3 hours
BriefChapramari Wildlife Sanctuary is close to the Gorumara National Park. Chapramari is about 30 kilometres from Chalsa and Lataguri in northern West Bengal
DistanceFromOtherPlace64 km from Neora Valley National Park
FactsThe sanctuary abounds in natural vegetation and comprises of various species of plants and trees that are hard to find somewhere else.
OpeningHours6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlacePeople come here to watch the Flora and Fauna and the natures beauty.
TicketPriceRs. 10
TypeOfMuseumNational Park
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Ghoom Railway Museum

AddressSukhia Pokhri Rd, Darjeeling, West Bengal 734102
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1.30 hours
BriefIn 1999, the famous narrow gauge Toy Train of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was accorded the UNESCO World Heritage status. And in the year 2000, the Ghum Museum was established and opened to the visitors to showcase its heritage.
DistanceFromOtherPlace7 km from Chauk Bazaar
ExtraGhum (also spelt as Ghoom) is country's highest rail station at an altitude of 7,400 ft
FactsIt's located at the Ghum railway station premises. The museum room is right above the Ghum station.
OpeningHoursMorning till Evening
PeopleLoveForPlacePeople can have a look at the Railway heritage and the toy train experience.
TicketPriceRs. 50 is the entry fee
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Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary

AverageTimeToSpendAbout 2 hours
BriefMahananda Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the foothills of the Himalayas, between the Teesta and Mahananda rivers.
DistanceFromOtherPlace59 km from Chauk Bazaar
ExtraCan be reached from Siliguri in 30 minutes.
Facts It is covered little more than 158 Square km.
OpeningHours9:00 AM to 5 :00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceAnyone who loves watching bird can come and have a good time here.
TicketPriceRs. 50 is the entry fee
TypeOfMuseumWildlife Sanctuary
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West Bengal Forest School's Museum

AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1 hour
DistanceFromOtherPlace34 km from Chauk Bazaar
ExtraThe complex also holds the Forest School.
FactsThe Museum is a two story building. It contains animal skins, bones and hides and wooden products. It also has models of different dams, forest houses etc
OpeningHours9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceA good place in the lap of environment .
TicketPriceRs. 10
TypeOfMuseumForest Museum
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