historical in damananddiu
historical in damananddiu

Ghogla Beach

AddressGhogla Beach https://goo.gl/maps/2LxEb1uiyZz
Average Time To Spend1-2 Hours
BriefRelaxed strip of sand beach known for its gentle waves, plus a group of nearby restaurants.
Distance From Other Place5.4 KM from diu fort 7.1 KM from Gangeshwar Temple
ExtraLocated in the north of Diu town with not many people, it catches the attention of the tourists who prefer to stay aloof and not with the crowd.
FactsThe beach is very much sandy, that is to say that water is turbid. Paid shower facility is available which is always good.
Opening HoursOpen 24 Hours
People Love For PlaceThe beach is very much sandy, that is to say that water is turbid. Paid shower facility is available which is always good.
Ticket PriceFree
TipsThe beach offers activities like parasailing and water sports keep the adrenaline levels charged up.
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Jampore Beach

AddressJampore Beach Daman and Diu https://goo.gl/maps/PZs9gPtQphp
Average Time To Spend2-3 Hours
BriefIdeal for a beach holiday, the Jampore Beach, Daman is a sun bather and beach comber’s paradise.
Distance From Other Place13 KM from Mirasol Lake Resort 6.8 Km from ST.Jerome Fort
ExtraLeading on to the border of Gujarat, Jampore Beach is a scenic and pleasant spot where one gets to spend some moments of peace and quiet in the company of Nature.
FactsThe beach is away from the hustle of the city and is, therefore, a great place to relax. Covered with trees all over makes the place breezy and gives it an ecstatic look.
Opening HoursOpen 24 Hours
People Love For PlaceBeach with the most beautiful view.Good place to visit, clean beach.Has sufficient places to relax and eat.
Ticket PriceFree
TipsLots of activities like bike riding, paragliding, horse ride are available for enjoyment
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Jallandhar Beach

AddressJallandhar Beach Daman and Diu https://goo.gl/maps/6EUFVS8qMUv
Average Time To Spend1-2 Hours
BriefThis Jallandhar beach is very popular for the Jalandhar place of worship, roosted on a little, wonderful hillock and the sanctuary of Goddess Chandrika.
Distance From Other Place1.1 KM from Chakratirth beach 3 KM from Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple
ExtraA visit to the secluded Jalandhar shoreline will change your point of view. Here, you will have the advantage of having an untainted territory, which is not frequented by numerous visitors.
FactsJallandhar beach in Diu is well known for its beachfront dining and amazing sea view. It is a casual place to relax and take pleasure in the scenic beauty and dive into the waters of the sea.
Opening HoursSunrise-Sunset
People Love For PlacePeaceful and serene beach side in Diu. Nice beach for an evening stroll. The road alongside is well lit adding to the beauty.
Ticket PriceFree
TipsBest time to visit is early in the morning
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Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary

AddressChapel of Our Lady of Rosary Diu district, Diu
Average Time To Spend1-2 Hour
BriefThe Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary is an important religious location in Daman, which is situated in the old Moti Daman Fort.
ExtraThis church was built during the 17th century in the Gothic style of architecture by the Portuguese. The church building is constructed of wood and is decorated with beautiful motifs and illustrations done by craftsmen of the 17th century.
FactsIt is famous for its rose-petal designed ceiling that is colored in varied shades. This church is situated at the overgrown square, which also features one of the most ancient Portuguese tombstones that rests on a damp floor.
People Love For PlaceA peaceful and very old Church. Nice altar and candle arrangements
Ticket PriceFree
TipsDirect buses, auto rickshaws and taxis are available from the nearby Moti Daman Fort or city center to the Chapel of Our Lady of Rosary
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Diu Fort

AddressDiu Fort Near Collectorate Office, Diu, Daman and Diu 362520 https://goo.gl/maps/M1ttqcPXaJ62
Average Time To Spend1-2 Hours
BriefBuilt in the 16th century by the Portuguese, this sandstone fort features a lighthouse & 3 churches.
Distance From Other Place5.4 Km from ghogla beach 2.5 KM from Zampa Gateway
ExtraThe enchanting fort commands a magnificent view of the sea, and a jetty constructed on the northwestern coast is still under use and was once used to trade with Cambay, Broach and Surat in Gujarat.
FactsThe fort- cum - castle, is known as 'Praça de Diu' in Portuguese, is situated on the southern tip of Gujarat and is at the mouth of the Gulf of Khambhat.
Opening Hours 8 AM–6 PM
People Love For PlaceAn excellent panorama of the surrounding bay is visible from these locations.Ample greenery is there inside the perimeter
Ticket PriceFree
TipsYou can not circumnavigate the fort so after visiting lighthouse, retrace your steps.
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Chakratirth Beach

AddressChakratirth Beach Khukhari, Diu, Daman and Diu https://goo.gl/maps/BaJkL1C5cKF2
Average Time To Spend1-2 Hours
BriefCompact & calm sandy beach with a small temple to Lord Shiva & picturesque sunset views.
Distance From Other Place1.1 Km from Jallandhar Beach 3.4 Km from Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple
ExtraNestled amidst the picturesque hills meeting the Arabian Sea, this pristine beach is the ideal place to soak up the sun or frolic in the enchanting waters while travelers beat the heat and relax by the calming shores
FactsThe tourist appeal of this delightful beach has been amplified with the addition of an open-air auditorium with changing rooms by the hillock. The manicured gardens in the vicinity complement the well-kept vibe of the beach.
Opening HoursOpen 24 Hours
People Love For PlaceCalm, peaceful place & at a beautiful location. Peaceful and fresh as it should be
Ticket PriceFree
TipsVisit during evening as it has great view of sunset.
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Mirasol Lake Resort

AddressMirasol Lake Resort Devka Beach Road, Near Bhimpore, Nani Daman, Kadaiya Village, Bhimpore, Marwad, Daman and Diu 396210 https://goo.gl/maps/zyVHHAr46Uw
Average Time To Spend3 Hours
BriefA 7-minute walk from the closest beach along the Arabian Sea, this low-key resort on a palm tree-dotted property is 4 km from Devka Amusement Park.
Distance From Other Place3.5 KM from Devka Amusement Park 9.8 KM from Bom Jesus Church
ExtraThe casual rooms and suites are simply furnished, and come with satellite TV and mini fridges; some have sea views and/or sleep up to 10 people. Room service is offered.
FactsThere are 2 relaxed restaurants specializing in seafood. There's also water park, a cinema and a disco, plus a kids' play area and a game room. Ayurvedic massage services are offered.
Opening Hours 10 AM–11 PM
People Love For PlaceClean and very calm place. Very good designs and structure. Restaurants are good
Ticket PriceINR 10
TipsBoating is less crowded on weekdays so should be visited during that time
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AddressFortim-do-Mar Diu, Daman and Diu 362520 https://goo.gl/maps/CqUChb8P9ty
Average Time To Spend1 Hour
BriefImposing stone fortress & former prison featuring a lighthouse, cell blocks & a small chapel.
Distance From Other Place5.4 Km from ghogla beach 2.5 KM from Zampa Gateway
ExtraThe fortress of Panikotha or Fortim-do-Mar in Diu looks absolutely stunning whether captured from the village of Ghoghla, from the jetty, from the Fort, or from Diu. Sitting in the heart of the sea, this monument is a remarkable sight to savor.
FactsA legend holds that Panikotha or Fortim-do-Mar in Diu was once linked with land by an under sea tunnel.
Opening Hours 8 AM–6 PM
People Love For PlaceThe place looks beautiful from diu fort top, and the view is nice. The sea is crystal blue, with waves splashing the beach and wind gushing in the face.
Ticket PriceFree
TipsNo entry to the place but can be watched from diu fort.
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Nagoa Beach

AddressNagao beach Diu, Daman and Diu 362570 https://goo.gl/maps/iFMKikphqL22
Average Time To Spend1-2 Hours
BriefFamous for its pristine beauty and swaying palm trees, Nagoa Beach in Diu is an ideal and a recommended place for tourists all over the world.
Distance From Other Place4.0 KM from Shell Museum 42 m from Dinosaur Park
ExtraThe beach is surrounded by beautiful palm trees swaying in the cool breeze which creates an exotic environment for the travelers to laze around.
FactsThe beach is located in the Nagoa hamlet of Bucharwada village and serves as an attraction for its Hoka trees which produces a unique kind of fruit.
Opening HoursOpen 24 Hours
People Love For PlaceSpectacular landscape, beautiful beach,lots of arrangements for amusement,huge beach also neat and clean
Ticket PriceFree
TipsWater sports like jet ski, banana boat, speed boat etc. some simple play area for kids too is available
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