Markets in Amritsar
Markets in Amritsar

Guru bazaar

AddressSituated between guru mahal and golden temple
MarketFamousForgold and silver ornaments, and the traditional Indian jewelry known as ‘Jadau.

Hall bazaar

AddressHall Bazar, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar, Punjab
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 4 hours
ExtraThe main attraction here is the woolen items of shawls, blankets and sweaters etc. It is a one stop place for shoppers and exhibits a wide range of products such as electronics items, ornaments, best quality books, handicrafts and readymade garments. 
MarketFamousForTextiles and clothing .
OpeningHours9:00 am to 7:00 pm
PeopleLoveForPlacePeople come here to buy Punjabi dress suits and to have a wholesome family shopping experience.
PopularThingstoBuyVisit Amrik store to buy variety of bags and Wallets
RushHoursPost lunch sessions are insanely crowded.

Katra Jaimal Singh Market

AddressAmritsar’s old city
Extrasome shops close on Sunday.
MarketFamousForFamous for its beaded dresses, tailored suits to jewelry , traditional Punjab jutti shoes.
PeopleLoveForPlaceThe reasonable prices of the market make it a popular place for buying in bulk

Lohri gate market

AddressMarket near Lahori Gate, Lahori Gate, Amritsar, Amritsar, Punjab
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 2-3 hours.
ExtraThere are plenty of shops and restaurants here to shop and have a gala time. It is a popular commercial hub in Amritsar.
MarketFamousForPashmina shawls
OpeningHoursFrom Morning till Evening.
PeopleLoveForPlaceThis place is knwon for its bulk buying and streets filled with hotels shops and food.
PopularThingstoBuyThe Amritsar store is a famous shop here.
RushHoursin the Evenings.

Mishri Bazaar

AddressAtta Mandi, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar, Punjab 143006
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1-2 hours.
ExtraIt is a heavily congested and crowded area which is loosing its sheen. There was a time when a large number of customers would visit Mishri Bazar to buy Mishri for their personal or business requirements in bulk.
MarketFamousForThe market is famous for Food,spices and other traditional Indian food items.
OpeningHoursFrom Morning till Evening.
PeopleLoveForPlaceOne can find authentic Indian spices and food items here.
PopularThingstoBuySwarn Dass and sons is a shop to visit here.
RushHoursMorning till noon.

Mochi Bazar

AddressMochi Bazar, Jallan Wala Bagh, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar Cantt., Punjab 143006
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 3-4 hours
ExtraIt is a small shop market located in Jallan wala Baug and have beautiful shoes and sandals here. Do try 2-3 shops before the final purchase.
MarketFamousForThis market has glorious past and small shops.
OpeningHoursFrom Morning till Evening.
PeopleLoveForPlaceIt is good place for shopping shoes and clothes from small shops here.
PopularThingstoBuyAll the small shops in the market street are worthing paying a visit to.
RushHoursPost lunch sessions are insanely crowded.

Old City Baazar

AddressOld City, Amritsar
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 3-4 hours
ExtraIf you want to experience the true beauty of Amritsar, there is no better way than visiting the old city. The narrow lanes of the market lead you to old havelis and other enchanting structures that speak volumes about the heritage and culture of the city.
MarketFamousForThis market is famous for everything, It is a narrow old fashioned market.
OpeningHours9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceRight from those tiny shops offering roasted sweet potato to others selling traditional garments, jhootis, and ornaments
PopularThingstoBuyThis place has a famous shop named Old city Bazaar shop.
RushHoursIn the evenings and on the weekends.

Papad Warian Bazaar Mishri Bazaar

AddressLawrence Road, Opposite Arya Samaj Mandir, Near BBK DAV College, Shastri Nagar, White Avenue, Amritsar – 14300
MarketFamousForfamous for freshly-made papads, Warian, Dry fruits

Shastri market

AddressKatra Ahluwalia, Amritsar, Punjab 143006.
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 3-4 hours.
ExtraIt is a whole-sale textiles and trading market also in close proximity to the Golden temple.
MarketFamousForwholesale market mainly for joothis and textile .
OpeningHoursFrom Morning till Evening.
PeopleLoveForPlaceA wide range of textiles and clothing and also accessories.
PopularThingstoBuyAll the clothing and shawls shops are famous here.
RushHoursThroughout the day.