Shopping in Ajmer
Shopping in Ajmer

Dargha Bazaar

AddressDargah Bazar Road, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305001, India
AverageTimeToSpendOn average 2 hours.
BriefThis place is the shopping destination in Ajmer and has wide variety of antique jewelry and clothes on offer along with delicious Non-veg food and sweets.
ExtraDo not forget to visit the Local Street shops here.
FamousThingsToByKebabs, tandoori non veg and biryanis.
OpeningHours6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlacePeople love Jewelry, Antiques, Paintings, Woodwork, Jutis sold here.
PopularShopsRajkumar Cloth Store situated here is famous for Saaris and Ghagra Cholis.
RushHoursPost 11:00 am up to lunch and the Evenings from 4:00 pm on wards.

Naya Bazaar

AddressNaya Bazar, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305001
AverageTimeToSpendOn average 2 hours.
BriefThe entire stretch of Naya Bazaar is dotted with exclusive shops. And do remember to try your luck at bargaining.
ExtraHere, you can get everything from antique jewelry, miniature paintings, woodwork items and clothing.
FamousThingsToByStreet Food and snacks
OpeningHours9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceThis place is famous for Jewelry, precious stones and marbles and fragrant "ittar".
PopularShopsShri Laxmi Sweets,a dessert shop in Naya Bazaar is a must visit place for food junkies.
RushHoursPost 11:00 am up to lunch and the Evenings from 4:00 pm on wards.

Vega Mall

Address Agrasen Circle, Jaipur road, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305001, India
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 3-4 hours approx.
BriefDue to its close proximity to Railway station and the main market it is a place of attraction.
ExtraDeluxe rooms for stays is also available in this mall.
FamousThingsToByBranded clothes, Watches, Foodstuff, Groceries
OpeningHours10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceThe quality of all the items available here is good, and the durability is also upright.
PopularShopsIt is a paradise for all the shopaholics.
RushHoursIn the evening from 4:00 PM.

City Square Mall

AddressMakarwali Road, A Block, Panchsheel Nagar, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305004
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 2-3 hours.
BriefIt is close to all the leading areas and located just 8 km from Ajmer city railway station and has best international brands .
ExtraAmple parking space is also available.
FamousThingsToByFor Shopping, Entertainment, Food
OpeningHours10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceThe mall has good mix of Clothing brand stores and food chains.
PopularShopsBig Bazaar, Max, Pantaloons etc.
RushHoursPost Afternoons.

Kasturi Silk Palace

AddressChuri Market, Ajmer, Main Road, Ajmer - 305001
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 1 hour.
BriefFrom nice quality salwar suits to designer saris and other traditional ethnic costumes, you get everything at one stop at reasonable prices as well.
ExtraKasturi Silk Palace is very courteous and well-mannered and patiently show you all the items you wish to view.
OpeningHours9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceA beautiful blend of silk saris with other different varieties of saris and quality service.
PopularShopsFamous for Silk Saris and Ghagras.
RushHoursWeekends here are really crowded.

Mahila Mandi

AddressAjmer, Rajasthan 305022, India
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 3-4 hours.
BriefOne must try their hand at Bargaining here.
ExtraAfter hours of shopping one can also enjoy kulfis and different desserts here.
FamousThingsToByJewelry, Tie, Die Fabrics, Embroidered Shoes (Mojaris), Bangles, Odhnis, Lehengas.
OpeningHoursMorning to Evening.
PeopleLoveForPlaceThis place has plenty of shops selling colorful, vibrant things at a reasonable price.
PopularShopsThe hand-looms and embroidery shops are must visit place.
RushHoursEvenings here are quite crowded.

Chudi Bazaar

AddressNear Prithvi Raj Marg, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305001, India
BriefIndulge yourself and buy enough multi-colored bangles to go with all your clothes.
ExtraThe sight of row upon row of bangles and bracelets in the shops here, is a pretty treat for your vision also it is a budget friendly place.
FamousThingsToByBangles, Saris, Jewelry, Gift Items
OpeningHours10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceBeautiful, colorful,stones, wide varieties of bangles are found here.
PopularShopsAll the bangle shops here offer varied range if Bangles and bracelets.
RushHoursWeekend and Festive and Wedding seasons gets really crowded.

Nala Bazaar

AddressNala Bazar Road, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305001
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 2-3 hours.
BriefSample the delicacies offered by the eateries, when you get tired after a shopping spree.
ExtraBright colors, myriad patterns and tie and dye fabrics attract your attention here.
FamousThingsToBySandals,Jootis and Street food and deserts.
OpeningHours10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceVariety of fabrics and sandals to suit your wardrobe and also fulfills your taste buds.
PopularShopsThe street eateries.
RushHoursPost Afternoons.

Urban Haat Bazaar

AddressGaurav Path, Sagar Vihar Colony, Vaishali Nagar, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305004
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 2-3 hours.
BriefUrban Haat Bazaar is an enclosed space which houses fixed shops in Ajmer. and it is a traditional marketplace where varied wares are sold.
ExtraFeel amazed by the beautiful handicrafts that range from textiles, costume, jewelry to wood carved items.
FamousThingsToByJewelry, Antiques, Woodwork, Shoes, Bags
OpeningHours9:00 AM - 10:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlacePeople come here to buy wooden antiques and beautiful jewelry.
PopularShopsSatguru Fashions has variety of different items to offer.
RushHoursPost Afternoons.

Purani Mandi

AddressPurani Mandi, Dargah Bazar, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305001
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 2-3 hours.
BriefChiffon Saris , Books, Textiles are the attractions of this place.
ExtraTie and dye designs in soft cotton appeal to you with their Eco-friendly colors, folksy designs and natural, light breathable fabric.
FamousThingsToByBooks, Bangles, Gift Items, Stationery
OpeningHours10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
PeopleLoveForPlacePeople love the range of variety of different books here.
PopularShopsKasturi Silk Palace, Raja Book Company.
RushHoursIn the evenings.

Cine Mall

AddressE-City Bio-scope Entertainment Private Limited, Gaurav Path, Ajmer, Rajasthan 305004
AverageTimeToSpendAbout 2-3 hours.
BriefOne can also watch a movie enjoy food with friends here.
ExtraHang out here with your friends to buy trendy apparels and shoes.
FamousThingsToByApparels, Electronic Items, Shoes
OpeningHours11:00 AM to 10:30 PM
PeopleLoveForPlaceA must visit pace for shopaholics.
PopularShopsAll international brand stores are located here.
RushHoursIn the evenings.