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Festival Calendar of Amritsar

JanBasant Panchami at Gurudwara Chheharta Sahib
FebKila Raipur Sports
MarHola Mohalla
JuneMango Mela
OctCelebration of Guru Ram Das Jayanti
NovRam Tirth Fair
Guru Purab
DecJor Mela in Rauza Sharif

Best Time to Visit: -

Travelers flock around Amritsar whole year round. Winters (Octobers to March) here are the best time to visit due to the pleasant days. But we suggest visiting during a sikh festival to get a rich experience of the city.

Connectivity : -

Amritsar is well connected with air, train or road. It’s well connected with air and train routes from all over the country and one can make arrangements according to their time and budget requirements .Even there are daily bus services from the neighboring cities.

Places to stay: -

There are many options for stay we suggest you to stay near Golden temple so you can visit there early and can get into the darshan queue.

Things to do in Agra: -

Sightseeing: - There are some places which are must go. Golden Temple is mostly reason for visit to the city so its always on agenda, Jallianwala bagh ,Wagah border is on some distance from the city and is also a must visit place.
Food: - First thing on the local food list should be the langar , Amritsar is not only known for the golden temple but for the famous kulchas ,also get your hands on jalebis at Jalebiwala chowk.
Shopping or markets: - There are very good ethic clothings shops, also there are shops of swords and daggers which can be very good collectibles.
• Hall bazaar:- with many shops of ethic clothing like Patiala suits, jootis and weaponries in this market. Also there are many street food stalls around the market.
• Katra Jaimal Singh Bazaar:- This market is very famous for its textile and clothing items. This market is also famous for Phulkari designs and woolworks.
• Guru Bazaar:-This market attracts people who like wearing traditional India jewellery.
• Other market are Lohri gate market, Shastri market.

Tips: -

1. Bargaining would you help land some pretty amazing deals.
2. Don’t miss the langars at Golden temple.
3. To keep monkeys at bay,do not keep food in open.


City at Border

Amritsar, derives its name from Golden temple as the golden temple is located inside holy tank of water which is Amrit Sarovar or pool of nectar. Amritsar is just like any other small North Indian town with busy markets, heavy traffics and the street food stalls all over the city the thing which makes it different is the golden temple. This place is as pure as the heart of people in Amritsar.

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