10 things to do in Kuta
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The hectic life of people lures them to go to a place where their mind can rest in peace or even be a little adventurous. The thought of living carefree or different from the daily routine for a few days brings comfort to the soul and body.

What comes in your mind when you think about a beach? The massive waves, the shining sun or the seashells on the coast.

Kuta beach in Bali, Indonesia will definitely make you forget about your boring routine as it serves much more than just a beach.

It’s the most famous beach resort destination in Bali. Earlier it was just a quiet fishing village but it has changed over the years as now it attracts thousands of tourists every year and the bookings of its hotels almost remain full during peak seasons.

10 things to do in Kuta (Bali, Indonesia)

  1.  The Nightlife:

The nightlife of Kuta will surely make you enjoy to the fullest and party super hard. Kuta has many bars, pubs and disco that won’t let you sleep the whole night.

The Deejay Club in Bali is actually made for the night owls as it opens after midnight while the others close at that time. If you don’t want to go back to your hotels after going here and there the whole day then this club will invite you. The whole night will be yours.

Gracie Kelly’s Irish Pub, when you will enter this pub you will get the feeling of entering a century-old rural Irish pub. As soon as the Irish music fills up the room you will surely get lost in their music. For entertainment, they even host drinking or singing competitions’ live band plays the whole night just for you.

VH Bali (Hypnotized Club), it’s a rooftop club; you can enjoy the sunsets with your friends and loved ones. Dancing, drinking, and most importantly you will be under the massive sky. Just look up and without even drinking, you will feel the buzz.

There are many other amazing bars and pubs in Kuta, which are calling you to check them out and maybe you might find something I couldn’t.

  1. The Outstanding Resorts:

After a whole lot of exploring the place, the surfing, the shopping, you will need to loosen up your body in an amazing resort where you can rest. Or even take spas that will make you forget everything else.

The resorts on a beach are very exquisite and amazing, well Kuta does not lack. Many resorts in Kuta are located near the airport, and some of them are even located very close to the beach so that the sound of the waves can help you relax in your room itself.

If you think that spending money on lavish hotels then you are so wrong. Many people prefer staying only in the lavish hotels and many think that it’s a waste of money as they are exploring the place not the resorts and they even are outside their hotels the whole day for exploring around.

Well do what suits you, but according to me if you have a trip for 7 days then staying in a cheap hotel for five days and exploring everything that you can in the duration of 5 days, and after that staying in an amazing and lavish resort for the next 2 days which serves great facilities such as spa will help you in having a perfect trip.

Kuta surely gives you a variety of wonderful resorts which are a must try.

  1. The Food:

Enjoying the food by listening to the waves, watching the sea, or even on the beach will make the food more and tastier and could make the saliva drop out from your mouth.

Sushi Tei, a restaurant in Kuta which will serve you tasty Japanese cuisine. Yes, you read correct, Japanese cuisine that means SUSHI, they serve the sushi on a rotating belt and the amazing tunes make the mood.

Papa’s Limoncello Bali restaurant is famous for its volcano pizzas, they provide friendly staff who help you in making your own pizzas or even mixing your favourite toppings.

  1. The Shopping:

There are various shopping malls and art markets in Kuta. There is a lot of bargain in the street markets and a shopping lover might get out of control and buy lots and lots of stuff. The markets there will definitely make you satisfied.

  1. Kuta Beach:

You have to visit this beach, there you will be able to do lots of surfing, beach soccer or sunbathing.

Peddlers and braiders can be found all around the coast. Discovery Mall is also located at the coast.

You will surely find pleasure in walking on the sand and the waves touching your bare feet. The sounds of the waves will make you forget the sound of the traffic.

  1. Kuta Theatre:

The natives and some handful of magicians perform magic shows in a form of drama. Its similar to dance drama but there it magical drama. You can enjoy the dramas and get to know their culture.

  1. Dream Museum Zone:

It’s not like the historical and boring museums. It has a collection of galleries that have large scale wall paintings that give a three-dimensional look. You can get great groupies there. And the wall painting will definitely make you fall in love with the painters and admire their hard work and creativity.

  1. Upside Down World:

It’s a fun indoor activity on the island Kuta.T here you will find 7 specially designed rooms. The furniture, the décor is the wrong way up. This way you can give gravity-defying photos with your partners or friends in different poses. You will find friendly staff that will help you in getting perfect photos. Among the most favourite theme rooms at Upside Down World Bali are the master bedroom, the kitchen and dining room, or the laundry.

  1. Pandora Experience:

Pandora Experience Bali offers fun escape game adventures in Kuta. Designed for teams of 2 to 10 people, you are put into thrilling scenarios where you’ll have to work as a team to solve puzzles, face endless surprises and discover hidden passages in order to escape the room in 2 hours or less. The games are bound to give your brains a good workout and gets your adrenaline rushing. The games also serve as great teambuilding activities, making it ideal for family vacations as well as corporate outings.

  1. The Reverse Bungy:

Reverse Bungy offers an adrenaline-inducing “reverse bungee” experience in Kuta. You simply hop on and fasten your seatbelts and experience the indescribable rush of being catapulted high up into the air at the mind-boggling speed. Their slogan is getting high in Bali.