Must Have Apps while travelling in India
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Everyone nowadays dreams of travelling.It involves a lot of planning and minute details of the place you want to visit. It is a hectic job to plan out things perfectly. Sitting at home you can’t know everything about your destination. It is not only about the place, it’s about how to go, where to stay, where to eat and where to enjoy according to the budget. Budget is another factor which affects the tourism but if you are well aware of the prices and overall cost of the place and the travel expense then planning out things becomes way easier. Earlier in the time of limited internet access it was nearly impossible to process a getaway within budget. But today in this digital India things have become way too much handy and accessible. Various apps have been developed to guide into any unknown place or city. Starting from online maps to food delivery android applications, from e-tickets to booking a cab everything is done by the mobile internet now. If you have a smart phone and good internet then nothing can stop you from fulfilling your cravings for travelling.

There are various categories of android application one needs to install in the smart phone before planning a trip. The categories are:


Hotel booking apps

Transportation apps

Tourism apps

Food delivery apps


India is one of the most stunning countries in the World. The best thing about India is that it has almost all kind of tourist destinations including hill stations, waterfalls, desert, beaches, temples and beautiful plains. But India is a big country with a huge population. So, one needs to know India better before starting the journey. Any app popular in one country may not be popular in another. Likewise there are some popular apps in India according to the above mentioned category.


Google Maps is the app of preference for navigation, and regardless of whether you’re walking, driving, riding a bicycle or using public transport, its GPS features helps you find your way to wherever you want to go. Google maps give you detailed information about routes and streets, hotels and restaurants, clubs and bars, museums and parks etc. It also senses traffic, keeps you updated and shows you the shortest and route to your destination. It is a must use app for travelling in any unknown place.


It is not always possible to get a cab or auto anywhere anytime. At night it becomes tough to find any transport facility on your own. Sometimes you may be bluffed by the taxi driver on transportation fares, so it is better to know about the fixed rated of cab and taxi fares. These details can be found in some useful transportation apps like OLA, UBER and RedBus.

Ola cabs and Uber cabs offer easily accessible cab services in various cities in India. Now, it even has the choice of insurance in case you book an Ola to a railway station and miss your train. It is reasonable and comes up with discount offers and cash back every. Ola gives an environment-friendly way to travel which also gives you an option to interact with new and interesting people. If you’re dependent on public transport in India, it’s worth it to install the Ola Cabs app. Another cab service you might want to use is Meru Cabs, which runs its own fleet of cars with trained professionals, unlike Uber and Ola Cabs. Additionally, it also travels between two cities. For intercity travel, buses are often a convenient option, particularly in remote areas where a private cab will be too expensive. Redbus is the country’s bus booking service, operating across most tourist-friendly destinations. The app is very easy to use.

Indian cities are connected to each other by trains, and a train journey in the country is actually an integral part of a travel experience in India. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited, or IRCTC, has a incredible app that lets you book tickets, check schedules and keeps you updated on train running status.

Any app out there can be used to find the best fares for flights in India, but Make my trip app does a better job of tracking localized discounts. Make My Trip is the premium porch for air tickets in India, it works flawlessly on mobiles, and can even be use to check-in at most airports. There are other alternatives too, like ClearTrip, and they all work pretty well. 


India is a country with vast variations in geography, and it is essential to include an app that helps you stay updated with the weather. It’s important to know the changes in weather when you are traversing or before planning a trip across a humid region in North India, cyclone-prone areas in southeast, or in a place with heavy rainfall such as the north-eastern states of India. AccuWeather is a really good app to check weather information and it will help you in making your plans in advance.


Wherever you go in India now, it is not tough to find accommodation. But searching for accommodation after reaching the destination is very tiring and you might not get an appropriate hotel according to your budget. So some apps that would be a great help to you are OYO rooms, GoIbibo, and Make my trip. These applications show you prices of hotel in accordance with your budget and choice. The price shown here are reasonable and affordable.


HolidayIQ is a travel breakthrough platform which lets you find breathtaking places to travel and then map your journey. It lets you explore for the best travel destination, plan your journey, search and book hotels, read reviews of places and hotels and also book tickets. So, it is a complete app which you must have with you before you plan a trip.

As the name speaks, TripAdvisor gives advice for your best trip. It lets you look for destinations, flights, hotels, and restaurants in one app. It is well-liked because it offers the best user reviews at once place. So, one can read users’ review to decide whether you should select destinations, flights, hotels, and restaurants or not.

Trip Planner is travel App for India launched by the Indian government. This app makes it very handy for tourists to direct their way across the tricolor. This app even incorporates a travel search engine which makes it access information based on the interests and budget constraints of the traveler.

Triposo mostly makes travel guides using information that are available publicly, like from Wikipedia, WikiTravel, OpenStreetMaps, and more. All of that is brought collectively in one app, creating an easy way for you to navigate. Triposo works completely offline as well, which is its biggest advantage.

Food Delivery

If you are in an unknown city and you are craving for some delicious food at affordable price then the best app to chose from is Zomato or Swiggy. Zomato gives numerous offers on online payment on orders. Zomato has a very wide exposure. In service in approximately 20 countries including India, Zomato has access to more than a million restaurants in big and small cities of India.

One of the best travel apps for planning a trip in India is the Travelkhana Train Food Service which is made just for the foodies. If you want to please your taste buds while travelling in train, trust Travelkhana. Just enter the PNR number, choose a station and then make a choice from a wide-ranging menu. The order can also be tracked and can be paid online using this travel app.

These were few good private browsers for Android smart phones. It won’t be complex to travel in India with all these apps helping you out in every situation.