Neemrana: A home to adventures date!

What is a Zipline?

A zipline also referred to as zip line, sypline, zip wire, aerial ropeslide, flying fox, etc. is an outdoor recreation sport/adventure sport where a freely moving pulley is used to ride from the top to the bottom of an inclined cable. Emerging as one of the most popular outdoor activities, zipline tours are here to stay! Zipline enthusiasts are spoilt for choices as the number of zip tour destinations are growing in number and new locations are being added regularly, much to the delight of zipline enthusiasts.

Neemrana: 122 Kms away from Delhi, this popular weekend getaway for Delhi NCR folks is an ancient historical town in Alwar district of Rajasthan. The Neemrana fort palace is a popular tourist destination and zip line location. This 15th century hill-fort was occupied by the Chauhans till 1947. Neemrana zipline tours by Flying Fox are well known for its excellent views of the Aravallis. The zipline tour is perfect for friend and family as well as corporate team outings.

What people love about this place?

What A testament to a perfect marriage between heritage and modernity, The Neemrana Fort Palace is one of Delhi’s most popular getaways favorite getaways and the base of Flying Fox’s first zip line tour in India. With 5 zip lines comprising of a total of 1250 meters, you get a truly unique perspective of Rajasthan, with a daring venture into the ancient Aravallis Mountains and so much more.

With 5 zip lines comprising of a total of 1250 meters you get a truly unique perspective of Rajasthan with a daring venture into the ancient Aravallis Mountains and so much more.

Flying Fox also grants you entry into the Neemrana Fort Palace free of charge. people love about this place?

Timings: 0900hrs-1700hrs

Charges: Zipline tours can vary in cost depending upon location but the cost of this thrilling zipline ride can be anywhere between INR 1300-2200.

Cancellation Policy: Minimum cancellation fee of Rs.250 is applicable, 24 hours prior to activity: Full refund minus Rs.250

Within 24 hrs of activity: 0% refund


•\tConsumption of alcohol before a trip is strictly prohibited and may result in your zip-line tour being cancelled.
•\tAs a Flying Fox customer you are permitted to spend up to two hours in the Fort-Palace before or after your zip tour, however entry into areas of the hotel reserved for residents only is prohibited.
•\tIn the case of participants who have selected the Child or Student package, age proof must be provided at the site office, student’s college or school identity card will work.
•\t Children below the age of 16 must have a participating adult accompanying them at all times.