Shopping at Varanasi

Banarasi Sarees

The most famous item in the variety of items to shop in Varanasi is the one called as Banarasi Saree. You can roam around the market and you will find plenty of shops with best of quality containing clothing, Sarees, garments etc. which for sure won't let you walk by without wanting to buy. The brocade work of Gold and silver on Saris and other clothing along with intricate designs on hand woven pure silk, organza, georgette and shatter etc. in its finest possible quality is available in the weaving and clothing industry of Varanasi.

A shop by name of Jaharlal & Pannalal is one of the oldest establishments in the busy Gowdowliya market which deal in Saris, Clothing and Garment wears. There are some small scale manufactures of Sarees which also have retail outlets and shops. Few such outlets are near Manikarnika Ghat, close to Kashi Vishwanath Temple.

Book Shops

If you are a book lover, reading hobby holder then you can find exclusive books on Varanasi, Hinduism, yoga and the usual best sellers at this hugely famous landmark bookshop called Harmony on Assi Ghat. If you are looking for something specific, the owner will be more than happy to order it for you and courier it to you later. Another bookshop that is worth a visit is City Book Shop near Gowdowliya.

Musical Instruments

It is very common in the streets of Varanasi to hear the strains, the music and the playing of traditional Indian music instruments like sitar, shehnai or the beats of a tabla. Varanasi has been the year's old home of Legends of traditional music maestros, composers of India like Bismillah Khan and Pandit Ravi Shankar who got world famous for their talents. It was because of the talent of these Legends, that Varanasi music industry got empowerment and a boom. Nevertheless, the city is famous for handmade instruments. You can find several shops containing different classical music instruments available for purchase along Bengali Tola


Varanasi is also famous at national and global level for a cluster of different varieties of brass, clay and copperware products which are often used for temple and small large religious Hindu ceremonies but also can be good household items to purchase and brought to home. The 'kamandalam' or brass water pot used by saints is often a popular pick, among other bric-a-bracs to carry holy, enchanted water. Kalsis, Aartis, Pooja Thals etc. are also manufactured here. The influx of pilgrims in the city ensures that the streets close to the temples are lined with these products


Carpets are another popular shopping item that we can purchase during Varanasi city tour. While doing Varanasi shopping, you can visit to various carpet shops who exclusively sells carpets of various design, size, weight & materials. These carpets are artistically designed with tantalizing color combinations, long lasting material, generates feel of comfort.

Banaras and its nearby areas are well known for carpet making. Here belt of Varanasi - Bhadohi – Mirzapur are popular for carpet making and fulfills need of carpets in Indian market. Tourists are required to just visit the showroom and place their order with address.

Shopping Hotspots

The shopping hotspots in Varanasi are:
¬\tGyan Vapi
¬\tVishwanath Gali
¬\tThatheri Bazar
¬\tLahurabir, Godoulia or Dashswamedh Gali

Shopping spree in Varanasi

Each temple has numerous small shops around it. The number of shops will multiply numerous numbers of times during festival season. You can find interesting, unique and valuable items here. If you do not know to haggle, do not shop in Varanasi without someone’s help. Top things to purchase here are deities of Hinduism or Buddhism, bangles, stone inlay works, silk sarees, carpets, shawls and ornate jewels. There will be a lot of duplicate items too. Remember to bring some expert with you if you are planning to buy something very valuable in the street shops.