7 Street Food Of Jaipur - For The Foodie In You

Jaipur also known as 'The Pink City' of India is a standout amongst the most cities in India. With a wonderful combination of ancient royal heritage and developing modern lifestyle. Jaipur displays a cool presentation of perfection with eclectic culture, food, architecture etc. But, a trip to Jaipur is not complete without digging into authentic Rajasthani Food. Here are some best places to try some yummy-yum street food in this pinkie-pink city.

1. Hot cup of tea at Gulab Ji Chaiwala
Brewing a perfect pot of tea is an art in itself. Gulab Ji Chaiwala has managed to perfect to perfect the art of getting the right taste with right blend every sine time. The hot beverage is refreshing and relaxing at the same time. Located opposite Ganesh Plaza, The Gulab Ji Chaiwala is the best place to have a cuppa with friends.


2. Paneer tikka at Raja Park
After a hard day’s work, if you are looking for something to set your taste buds on fire, Bhatia Paneer at Raja Park is the right place for you. A Bite of crispy and spicy, tikkas rubbed with whole spicy sauces are full of juiciness and delectable satisfying flavours. This tiny shop is located right at the corner in the busy lane of Raja Park. They are also well known and counted as TOP 10 roadside food centres in Jaipur. Also try out Spring roll, Chicken Tikka Masala at Sethi’s Barbeque to satisfy your non-vegetarian appetite.


3. Pav Bhaji at Shrinath’s
What can be more enchanting than watching Jaipur doing its own thing, while you wolf down one titillating plate of Pav Bhaji after another? You would have never imagined that a little Jaipur tadka can transform simple and tasteless buns into something spicy mix like this. The entire dish is made-to-order and is always served steaming hot with the bhaji (curry), onions and chillies.


4. Mewa Ki Kachori at Rawat Mishtan Bhandar
If you are on the newer side of town and looking for someplace to appease your taste buds, this one will not disappoint you. Famous for all types of sweets and savoury like faloodas, gulab jamun, ghevar etc this is the most famous place to grab a quick bite. Special recommendation – you can also try Mirchi vada and the second most fav local dish in their menu pyaaz ki kachori.Trust me Jaipur can be your UTOPIA forever.


5. Omelettes at Sanjay’s
Situated in Bapu Nagar, the Sanjay’s gives you the best feels to extremely satisfying you. This place is the sole of every veggie place that serves everything good from pizzas, sandwich, burger and what not all at affordable prices. An interesting twists are given to a simple dish, omelette by a roadside vendor who specialises in a variety of omelettes. Definitely worth a visit for any egg lover.
6. Amritsari Chole Kulche at Panchawati Circle
Terrific Amritsari Kulche at Sagar’s in the vicinity of the Panchawati circle is sure to relish your taste buds. Crisped to crackle on the outside and gleaming with butter this moist filling puff will dig into your heart. It is sure to teleport you to food heaven.

7. Shyam Juice at Bagadiya Bhawan
Just like the much loved pink city, Shyam Juice is quite old and famous. Whether you believe in the healthy diet or you love keeping yourself refreshed and hydrated this place is just right for you. The most loved and in demand juice is the Papaya Juice and that’s exactly what we recommend. Visit Shayam Juice for a delicious detox with fruity flavours.
Which one of these tempting dishes have you tasted?