Taste Of Assam: Top 10 Mouth Watering Dishes To Try Out When In Assam

Known as The Land Of Red Rivers and Blue Hills lying in the North Eastern corner of India, Assam is not only a mesmerizing State alongside with their world famous Assam Tea but also their rich delicacy of food.
Varying from sweet to savory which will give one a tickle in their taste buds, also what can connect people like food does? Assamese food will offer you such kind of flavours that you will end up wanting for more, especially the non-vegetarian lovers. Assamese food offers a very different taste compared to other states because of the use of less spices, slow and steady method of cooking over fire and not to forget the influence from the Bengal cuisine.
So without any further due, here are some list of Assam’s top favourite dishes. Let’s dig in!

One of the signature dishes of Assamese cuisine, this authentic  fish-dish is made in a tangy broth (Tenga) which comprises of lemons or elephant apple, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, yellow mustard etc, this is a very light yet very delicious dish with the use of fresh Chonak fish cooked very slowly which gives that perfect flavour to it.

  1. KHAAR
An Assamese dish without Khaar is incomplete. This is an authentic and ethnic non-vegetarian dish made with vegetables such as papaya, mustard greens, pulses and water gourd. The reason why Khaar stands out from other dishes is because it is boiled in banana leaf which gives that refreshing fruit flavour which is great for digestion as well. Khaar is mostly eaten with rice which goes just perfect for a good hearty meal.

Pitha is the most popular, favourite and scrumptious sweet dish/snack of Assam. It is one of the oldest traditional Assamese food with its main ingredient being rice, Pitha’s can be sweet, salty and in barbeque style as well with different shapes, the most popular being the long and thing in shape also with a slight different taste. To name some there’s Til Pitha, Ghila Phita, Nrikol Pitha, Bhaat Pitha, etc. Which will you be eating?

Rice being the staple food of Assam, this is a very healthy and comforting food eaten specially for breakfast along aside Aloo Pithika (Mashed potatoes)  Poita Bhaat is leftover fermented rice in curd topped with onions, green chillies and raw mustard oil is best for the hot days and leaves one with a healthy and happy stomach.

Apart from other common meat dishes Paro Mangsho (Pigeon Meat) is a much loved and eaten dish among the Assamese people specially the tribal people. Black pepper being the major ingredient after the pigeon meat along with coriander powder, ginger-garlic paste, green chillies etc this is best eaten in winters, this dish is bound to leave any one of you wanting for more.

6. Ou Khatta
This is made with elephant apple (Ou) and jaggery, boiled and lightly mashed before being sauteed is sour in flavour, mostly prepared in households during festivals and special occasions. This dish is also a popular one with its key ingredients being the Ou which is a nice contrast with the sweet jaggery, grated coconut and mustard seeds.  It is best served with rice and is sure to enliven ones taste buds.

This is the most simple yet delicious sweet dissert of Assam and all it takes to make this is grated coconut and sugar. It is cooked in small heat and after it is done cooling down small balls of it is made, traditionally prepared during Bihu festivals these are little balls of heavenly sweetness, an absolute delight.

This Assamese style duck curry is quite popular and must have during the winters, made with Kumura (White Gourd) cooked with the skin on which boosts the taste of the curry under low heat. It can also be cooked with bamboo shoot to give it that tangy flavour, it is mostly prepared in firewood known as ‘chouka’ which adds up to the authenticity of this dish.
This signature common side dish from Assam is one of the most eaten dish it is mashed potatoes made with different vegetables and ingredients that enhances the flavour most important being the mustard oil giving that fragrance along with its taste and not to forget the green chillies.  This is served as a side dish and who doesn’t love potatoes in their plate?

Last but not the least, adding Silkworm to the list, you may scrunch your face but tastes very good, ask any Assamese person around and they will tell you. Essentially a tribal dish, these silkworms are deeply fried with some spices which makes it crunchy from the outside and juicy from the inside it can also be cooked some green veggies. However, many won’t be up for it but it is definitely worth a try.