Touxeachem Fest
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Chikal Kalo (playing in mud) is a unique festival seen only in Goan landscape on the 12th day of the month of Ashadh in July ( 2nd -3rd week of July). It is a kind of Mud festival celebrated by remembering little naughty Lord Krishna’s antics in Braj Bhumi.

Chikal Kalo is celebrated when incessant rains have soaked the parched earth. It is muddy everywhere. In rural areas, the sight of children with mud smeared on their body and smearing that same on each other is a sight to watch. The fun and frolic of children playing games that Krishna used to play (as per mythology) refresh anyone. It feels as if the scene of Braj Bhumi is recreated.

The air reverberates with Hari Vithal, Jai Vithal. Men and kids smear/ apply/ rub oil on their bodies before rushing to the muddy field for a mud bath of sorts. They say oil helps to fight against any infection. With tilak on forehead, each participant does a circumambulation of the temple and then head to the mud-filled space.

Many people extend delectable food items- Laddus, Jalebis, Biscuits, Pooran Polis or stuffed jaggery and coconut filled parathas , puris- or throws food at these men and one who grabs it - eats it. However, no commercial activity of selling food takes place here. It’s sheer bonhomie and the food is distributed or thrown at participants for free. Music and cymbals are played to add to the festivity. Some other games played on the occasion are- Mendrani, Dharchyani or Dog & Bone, Tug of War, Kabbadi, Poshampa, Frog game, duel of words, dahi handi etc.

Place to visit - Devaki Krishna temple in Marcela village, near Panaji, Goa.

Date: July 2019(date to be confirmed)

Place: Marcel, Goa