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food in Pushkar
food in Pushkar


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The Culinary Experience in holy Pushkar

Pushkar - the land of culture, spirituality and heritage offers a great time to food loving people as one can taste various varieties of vegetarian food. Pushkar offers delicious Rajasthani dishes along with the traditional Indian street food will stimulate the taste buds of every individual. The majority of the travelers visiting this town are foreigners and they live here for long periods of time. But the entire town is a temple town, hence any form of meat and alcohol is strictly prohibited. The food is served with a royal reception in a very comfortable environment every traveler can enjoy the lip smacking Rajput dishes and the Rajasthani Thali.


Some of the street foods to try in various streets of Pushkar are Kachori, Poha, Paratha, Dal Baati, Thali in Rajasthan style, Lassi etc. In Pushkar, the kachori can be found in many places, but my favourite one is a small eatery that only has this snacks and samosas. This deep-fry dough fills with a mix of lentil (dal) and species can be found in many places in India. Kachori in Pushkar must be tried in the street behind Sri Raghunatha Swamy Temple. The popular breakfast in strrets of Pushkar is Poha. In Pushkar, a popular street stall serves poha cooked with an aromatic mix of cumin, chili, coriander seed, mustard seeds and curcuma that give the yellow color. Then, over this rice mix, is added fresh tomato, onion, cilantro and a big spoon of a creamy and delicious dal (lentil soup). The aloo bhujiya on top gives a crunchy texture to this tasty and healthy meal. Pushkar Breakfast Corner at main market square serves the best Poha in Pushkar. Lala Ji stays along Main Street of Pokhara serves various different kinds of delicious Paratha. It offers paratha from the classic aloo to cheese, onion, vegetable and paneer but the one that wins is the cheese-vegetables. The Rajasthani thali comes with a tasty light curry, a thik and rich dal, sabji, curd, achhar, papadum and a small bowl of rice , freshly cooked roti roasted over the fire. Shree Karni Maa Restaurant has the best  thali in Pushkar and costs 200 rupees. There as many lassi places in Pushkar. The chai is served in the traditional clay pots in Pushkar.


pushakr salad

Mal puda

In the centre of the main street of Pushkar, you have a really small stall called the Sonu Juice Centre. Here for just Rs 40 – 60 you can try the most awesome fresh fruit juices in some pretty unusual combinations. They have some combinations like kiwi banana, chickoo pineapple banana etc. Just opposite the Sonu juice centre, there is again a very small stall called the Ganga restaurant. This place is famous for its falafels and pancakes. In the middle of the main street in Pushkar, there is a sweet house called the Sarvadia Sweet house which makes a signature dessert called the rabdi malpua.  Just opposite the Shivam Garden Restaurant is a place called Sai Baba Haveli Guest House Restaurant. This place has really tasty aloo paranthas.  Coffee all over Pushkar you find the most authentic european coffee.

Shree Karni Maa Restaurent


Shree Karni Maa Restaurant For Local cuisine the must visit restaurants are The Laughing Buddha Café, Baba Restaurant, Hard Rock, Sixth Sense, Honey & Spice etc. you can have affordable sand delicious breakfast at Ganga Laffa & Falefal Restaursant, Café Nature’s Blessing, Funky Monkey Café etc.

After trying everything possible to eat in Pushkar you should buy  churan from a small hand cart vendor near the Brahma temple. Another interesting fact about Pushkar is that one gets a chance to taste innumerable dishes made in traditional style using all local ingredients during the time of the fairs and festivals. The stalls around the fairgrounds offer the chat food, snacks and many more interesting items.