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food in Mcleodganj
food in Mcleodganj

Food to try in McLeod Ganj

McLeod Ganj  is a suburb of Dharamshala in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. If you some courage to make travelling an unforgettable experience then McLeod Ganj is your destination. McLeod Ganj offers a combination of beauty and serenity. It also offers you an astounding cauldron of various cuisines. Many stalls here sell local Tibetan fare and if you explore a little  you will find a wide variety – ranging from Kashmiri, Nepali to Italian, Belgian, Israeli, Scottish, Chinese, Bhutanese, Korean and Japanese eateries. The local food uses the region’s best produce, like potatoes, carrots, spinach leaves, radish and fiddlestick ferns.

 Ginger Chicken Bok Choy Soup

Food is a morsel of culture. McLeod Ganj has a wide variety of street foods to satisfy your culinary desire. Some of thr popular local street foods of McLeod Ganj are Thenthuck, Momos, Tibetan Noodles and Breads, Bok Choy Soup, Thukpa etc. Thenthuck is the noodle soup and perhaps the most comforting bowl of food one may find anywhere. This soup is often made with mutton, and sometimes yak. It is very spicy. Tibet has its own variety of noodles, borrowed from the cuisines of various South-East Asian countries. Tibet also has many unique bread recipes, like the flat-bread from Central Tibet, Balep Korkun. Lhasa Cookies sells the best kind of breads. Momos in McLeod Ganj come with both vegetarian stuffing like potatoes or meats like chicken, mutton and pork. The Chinese lettuce, Bok Choy is made into soup which is a must try hearty meal.

Fired Momos




Fried Momos Pan Cakes Tibetan Vegetable Thenthuk 1 Best places to eat local street food are Peace Café, Tibet Kitchen, Norling, Clay Oven, Bogdo Café, Tibet Quality Bakery, Tsewang’s Dolma Fried Momos, Mandala Café, Namgyal Café, Indique, Pema Thang Veg Café, Kalimpong Restaurant and Badol Café. McLeod Ganj aslo offers a Japanese marvel, sushi and Korean version of Japanese sushi, made with fillets of often uncooked fish, wrapped in Japanese seaweed, and garnished with sauces and tiny flecks of sesame and served with specially prepared rice and KimBap  a Korean version of Japanese sushi, made in a similar style. Other Popular Continental Foods in McLeod Ganj are Itaian food, Apple Cider, Vegan food, Falafel etc.

 Wood-fired pizza

You could even find an authentic wood-fired pizza in McLeod Ganj along with cheese cakes and chocolate truffles. Best Places to find global cuisine are Khana Nirvana,  Kunga’s, The Crepe Pancake Hut, German Bakery, Shiva Café, Morgan’s Place, Illiterati, Family Planet and Pema Thang Pizzeria.

Cheese Cake


Cheese Cake Here are some  restaurants that one must absolutely visit to get a hit of Mcleod's heady flavour. Woeser Bakery located on Jogiwara road, this is an excellent breakfast time place. This place is best for its unique kind of pan cakes, carrot cake and cappuccino. Norling, a tiny restaurant serves classic Tibetan food and incredibly flavoursome chicken momos. If your tongue craves for some sweet stuff then head to The Chocolate Log on Jogibar road. Hummingbird Café, located inside the Norbulingka Institute serves pizza, momos, or the thukpa. Tibet Kitchen serves scrumptious Tibetan goodies like  thenthuks, thukpas, sausages, and succulent momos. Lung-Ta Japanese Restaurant Located on Jogibara road is popular for their sushi rolls and miso soup. When it comes to desserts nobody can beat Tibet Quality Bakery. It gives you a wide range of desert options like yak cheese pastries, chocolate and rum balls, beetroot nut slices, yak muffins, Tibet special nut bars to a variety of breads from which you can pick the best. Other recommended restaurants among locals and tourists are Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen, Carpe Diem, Nick’s Italian Kitchen, Out of the Blue, Moonpeak Café etc.