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food in Jaisalmer
food in Jaisalmer

Food to try in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, The Golden City, is full of rich history, culture and people. Jaisalmer is a desert spot with age-old culture and tradition. Along with the history and culture, Jaisalmer is also home to some delicious dishes that you won’t find anywhere in India. These dishes are made of a special mixture of spices that are unique to the region. Unlike other parts of Rajasthan Jaisalmer does not rely more on oil or butter. You can find many dishes with shredded vegetables. Desert ingredients like beans, capers and spices are commonly used in this cuisine. 


The streets are filled with the aroma of the famous street food in Jaisalmer. No trip to Jaisalmer is complete unless you try all these dishes at least once.Top Dishes to Enjoy In Jaisalmer are Murgh-E-Subz, Ker Sangria, Kadi Pakora, Bhanonaloo, Mutton Saag, Masala Raita, Dal Bati Choorma, Mughal Chicken Recipes, Panchadhari Laddoos,Local Styled Lassi, Poha, Jalebi, Kachori, Ghotua – Iconic Dessert Item, Bhang etc. Among the most famous street foods in Jaisalmer, Mutton Saag is best served at the Trio which is famous for its authentic Rajasthani food.  The delicacy is basically Mutton mixed in spinach puree with Rajasthani spices. Makhania Lassi is served in Kanchan Shree which is located at Jaisalmer fort. The lassi, which is served with a ridiculous amount of dry fruits needs to be consumed with the help of a spoon. The creamy lassi tastes more like shrikhand. Pyaaz Kachori is a regular dish in almost every Rajasthani household. It is usually eaten for breakfast with Kadi. Powdered roasted coffee beans, thick pure milk, sugar to sweeten and melted chocolate for the topping. A coffee like this is to die for and is served at the Kuku Coffee Shop in Jaisalmer. No meal is complete without a desert to satisfy your sweet tooth. Ghotua Laddoos which are served in the famous Dhanraj Rawal Bhatiia sweet shop are a mix of gram flour, sugar, ghee and condensed milk. The place also serves Panchadhari Laddoos.

Thali Jaisalmer

Ghotua Laddoo

Lassi Jaisalmer

Ghotua Laddoo There are some ‘not to be missed restaurants’ to dine in Jaisalmer. Trio is located in Mandir Palace and it is a stylish fine-dining spot. The restaurant serves authentic cuisine and you ought to try chickpea pickle of this restaurant. Jaisal Italy is an Italian restaurant located in Aakhe Pol. You can enjoy Chardonnay, Pizza and other dishes here. Desert Boy Dhani is a strict vegetarian hotel and it serves top-notch Rajasthani cuisine. Milan Restaurant is a simple décor restaurant with mind-blowing dishes. Starting from Tandoor to Kebabs, you can find a long list of items here. Zoya ka Zayeka is a boutique restaurant famous for local dishes like Aloo Parathas, Egg Curry and Others. Cafe Kaku  is an 853 year old bastion which services Japanese, Mexican, Chinese an Indian cuisine. Kanchan Shree Ice Cream – The place might be small but dishes are unique and interesting. Best place to taste Saffron Lassi, Ice Cream Soda and others. Golden Roof is a restaurant which is open 24x7 and is located opposite to Mandir Palace near the fort. Golden Roof offers great Indian food at affordable prices.

Jaisalmer does not lag in keeping its word of giving you the best Rajasthani experience. When you do visit this beautiful city, try out these amazing dishes that are sure to tantalise your taste buds.