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Pushkar, is yellow mellow town of Rajasthan , it’s a town with great significance to Hindu peoples and is considered very holy place. Its considered that Lord Bramha threw a lotus flower and it fell in three places in Pushkar and hence the water came from this three different places, Pushkar is famous for its temples and there are lots of temples here. The main attraction is still the Camel fair which is one of the largest camel fair in the world.

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  • Priests may ask for money for special puja. Kindly ignore them
  • Try to get a “Pushkar Passport”, a red string wrap, signifying a taken blessing, so that no one would ask you for puja
  • Take a 2 wheeler on rent and u can roam the streets better and go to the Gurudwara outside the pushkar.some locals claim that there is a letter in that gurudwara written by Guru GOBIND SINGH ji.

Best Time

Month Description
NovPushkar Fair 4-12 Novemeber




Description of Pushkar

Best Time to Visit: -

Best time to visit is during the months of Octomber/November it is the time when Camel fair happens and one can see the real heist of the town.

Connectivity : -

For air travels the nearest airport is Jaipur which is 145 kms away from Pushkar.
The nearest Railway station is Ajmer which is just 12 kms away and is connected with many major cities.
By road Udaipur is 250 kms away and is connected with other major cities.

Places to stay: -

The options for stay include palace styled hotels ,ashrams ,hotels and hostels.

Things to do in Pushkar: -


Camel fair is a very important event to cover over visit to Pushkar. Bramha Temple is a 14th century temple and a very holy place it’s based on bank of Pushkar lake.
When you visit Bramha temple one can also take a glimpse of Pushkar Lake.
Savitri Mata temple can enjoy the cable car ride to this place.

Food: -

The local Rajasthani cuisine known for its variety and its appetizing nature can make anyone drool over it.
The Daal Baati-Churma is a must try. Ghevar, Pyaj Kachori, Rabdi malpua ,Gajak are other foods and sweets to try.
Small Restaurants here serve amazing food.

Shopping or markets: -

There are variety of articles ranging from cultural items to textiles and also the antique jewelry.
Bramha Market-It’s the market around Bramha temple, silver jewelry are very cheap around here also there are traditional Rajasthani apparels ,Puppets are center of attraction.
Other things available are intricate mirror items, miniature paintings.

Tips: -

1. Bargaining would you help land some pretty amazing deals.
2. Ajmer is pretty close so you can visit.
3. Drink lot of water to keep yourself from dehydration.