India : A goto destination for medical aid

India : A goto destination for medical aid

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Date: 19/06/2017

“From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health.”  ~Catalan Proverb

Health is one of the most important factors which gives happiness to a man. India has always been known to give happiness to mankind physically, mentally and not to mention spiritually. It is not lacking this even in the modern age. Indian hospitals along with its highly qualified and skilled teams of Doctors, Nurses, Technicians etc. are bringing smiles back on the faces of thousands of people from across the globe with their utmost care and effective treatments.
According to a report by Grant Thornton, India’s medical tourism market, which is valued at $3 billion at present, is expected to touch $8 billion by 2020. Two of the major reasons for the growth of the Medical Tourism in India are its Cheap Costs and the availability of Latest Medical Facilities. India has a lot to offer the world in the field of Medicine and Medical Tourism. For an average uninsured or underinsured American about to undergo a medical treatment in USA, India is certainly an option worth looking at. One can expect the same level in terms of quality of treatment and at times even better one. A ton of the top hospitals in India are at a remarkably lower cost; this is even after including the travel and stay expenses. A person visiting India for some surgery can complete the surgery and travel costs and India tour costs altogether in less than most western countries


The Research and Development too is picking up pace in India and is letting open up new avenues which would turn out to be a boon for the mankind and along with this great business opportunities for Medical Tourism in India.

The Medical Infrastructure specially in the Private Sector has improved drastically over the years and the latest methods for treatments across several diseases are being implemented here. The Medical facilities are at par with the world and India is amongst the very few nations in the world to have such a huge indigenously developed army of doctors, technicians and researchers. Accreditation Board for hospitals in India develops and maintains standards . Many hospitals in India have been accredited by JCHAO the agency that accredits health care facilities in the United States.


Seeing a great potential in this area, the Government has also not been far behind. The Government of India has launched several schemes pertaining to medical tourism in the country. The Union as well as few state government are seeing this as a means of revenue for them, hence are launching beneficiary tactics. There has been a growth of thirty percent over the past 2 years in this sector. They have reduced the costs of many features which can help this field grow.

India has been a place of ancient medical science and rejuvenation techniques which includes Yoga, Ayurveda, Unani and many others. These also have contributed to an increase in the Medical Tourism in India. Major Ayurveda centres in India are located in states such as Uttarakhand, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka etc. 

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